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Finding Files and Other Saw Sharpening Tips

I've been getting a few questions lately on saw files - what to get, and where to get them, mostly.  Here's some highlights from those correspondences that others might find useful.

Some slow times, and some planning,,,


Asked what I've been up to lately - regarding woodworking, very little.  I've been enjoying the fruits of my labor from my last project t, the guitar build - specifically I've been practicing up on a few old classics such as "Down by the River" by Neil Young.

Finished: Runecaster, Jörmungandr, and Mjöllnir


 The guitar build, the final entry...

What a blast of a project...  Challenging, fun, and a real test of skill.   It does make me appreciate just how good some of the craftsmen are out there that build some of these amazing "homemade" guitars.  I can honestly say there will be more, I don't know how I will ever resist the pull again.  My wife has other plans for me for the near future, unfortunately...  



The last build entry on the guitars is here!

Installing the hardware on the guitar was easily the funnest part of building them (other than playing them!).  It was fun enough that I had to remind myself often to slow down, take my time, and not rush through the final stages.  The photos taken were a bit sporadic however...


The next issue of the catalog that is the guitar build is here... 

It's not related to this article, but I'm always reminded of one of Dad's WWII stories when it comes to "NUTS!"..  He (a lowly private and radioman) was talking with General McAuliffe on a bridge somewhere in either Germany or France in November of 1944, just a couple of weeks before his now-famous reply of "NUTS!" to Germans at the Battle of the Bulge when they asked for his surrender...

It was a rarity to have such a high ranking officer talk on a personal level with a regular grunt.  He asked Dad about where he was from, what service he'd seen, and other minor chit-chat.  It made quite an impression on Dad and was one of his favorite tales.

 Anyway, apologies for the divergence and back to the present...


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