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Do you like the design of the new Veritas Dovetail saw?

Love it!
39% (67 votes)
Hate it, what were they thinking?
13% (23 votes)
It's growing on me...
25% (43 votes)
I don't like it or hate it - meh.
18% (31 votes)
I hate polls
5% (8 votes)
Total votes: 172


With their tools' consistent outstanding performance this specimen will probably work at least as well as more expensive competitors. 

I just got mine and have been cutting dovetails like there's no tomorrow.  Its making me look good!


Hi Leif!
I like it!  Haven't held it or used it but it looks good to me.  I like it when someone crawls outside the box and comes up with something much different than the norm. And the price is right too.  So much easier to copy what someone else has done, but not so easy to come up with a different approach. If the saw functions well, it's all about the blade and how it is filed, no matter what kind of handle is used as long as the handle is comfortable. 

Well, if this poll is any indication (and it really isn't), I'd say that the design is successful... Over 2/3 are falling on the favorable or "it's growing on me" categories, and only about 1 in 9 or 10 say they "hate it"... I'd say it's a pretty good indication of where it stands...


I bought one the day they came out. Love it. Cuts beautifully. If I want traditional I have a couple of old Jackson / Disston /Spear & Jackson to use. Once I get them all set up correctly. Lee Valleys came ready to roll. If someone wants traditional I can leave my antiques in a prominent place. Scott


I have the new Veritas saw and after the initial break-in I'd say it performs just as well as more expensive models.  Traditional looks are important to some people and some people would rather copy something someone else did rather than use their own imagination.  I'm not one of those people.  There are plenty of antique saws out there.  I'm glad to see new sawmakers arrising and new ideas in saw design.  The price tag doesn't hurt either!