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New Woodworking Blog Feeds

I've successfully added a new feature to the Norse Woodsmith website - blog feeds directly from some of my favorite woodworking bloggers - including Chris Schwarz, Adam Cherubni, Alice Frampton (Alf, at the Cornish Workshop), Gary Robert's Toolemera blog, and others.  There are links to their latest blogs at the bottom of the page, and a link to a list view of posts arranged by individual blogger) or, if you prefer, the latest posts in their entirety by following the links in the "Community" pull down menu above.

I'll be adding more as I come across more that I feel have relevant content...  and blogs older than 16 weeks are automatically purged.  I enjoy reading all of these blogs on a regular basis, and hope you find them interesting as well.


Post Script:  These blogs are not located on this web site - they are simply RSS feeds from the individual's sites and contain only content available via RSS (no web site content).  Clicking on some of these links (such as those at the bottom of the page) will take you to those web-sites directly.  I am not responsible for the content of these feeds.

Note - if you are the owner of one of these feeds and do not wish me to publish it here, just let me know and it will be removed.  But if that is the case, for your benefit I would suggest you not publish the content via RSS...  Or set your teaser length to get people to click a link to "read more" on your own site.


<p>Leif,</p> <p>I am starting a new website at to promote hobby hand tool woodworking. If you feel it would be of interest to your readers, feel free to add the site feed to your site.</p> <p>Luke</p>



I think you've got a great start - and I will certainly keep an eye on your site to see how it develops. 

But as it's only been up a couple of weeks I'm going to wait just a bit longer until you've had a chance to build it up a little before I add it to the feed.  Please do continue, as I think it does show promise...

For anyone interested in hand tools I encourage you to visit Luke's site through the link he provided... Like I said, I think it could/will be a good source of information and inspiration... 



I've known Rob Hanson (no relation) online for a good time now, and have always found him to be both informed and knowledgeable when it comes to hand tools and woodworking...  A while ago he informed me he was starting up his own website, and I've been fortunate enough to be privy to it's development.  It looks very promising, so I've added his new site to the blog links, and invite you to check it out as well - the address is:

Here's a shout out to Rob, wishing him good luck - welcome to the fray!