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Some slow times, and some planning,,,


Asked what I've been up to lately - regarding woodworking, very little.  I've been enjoying the fruits of my labor from my last project t, the guitar build - specifically I've been practicing up on a few old classics such as "Down by the River" by Neil Young.

 Between projects, I often find myself looking over what I promised myself I would do and weigh that against the zeal I might have for something new and exciting.  I gave in to the latter with my last project, and now for karma's sake I am due to take on some things I've been meaning to get done.

I've got more than a few ideas on what I want to do- first up, though - in standing with paying forward on the karma thing, is something that's been in the planning stages for years, but one of those never-got-a-round-tuit jobs that are not all that exciting - remodeling the basement.  Oh yay, the great wonder and joy of drywall and electrical wiring...  Hopefully it will get me in the mood to continue on and finally finish the shop also.  It all depends on how much my day job takes from me, which has been an abnormal amount lately.

It also will give me the opportunity for a couple of furniture projects, once the dreaded drywall gods have been appeased.  I have an old pool table - something that is truly remarkable in its blandness.  It has a single piece slate top that is quite usable (if extraordinarily heavy) that is its one saving grace.  The reigning kings of billiard tables today use a 3 piece slate top, but this one is at least a nice and level piece of - well, rock.  We'll see if it's a project I can get to.

There will be other furniture and casework projects as well.  Unfortunately, the hand tool projects will have to wait a bit while I deal with floor joists and Cat6 cable.  I will try to sneak in a couple hand tool only projects I have in mind when I can...  but forgive me if I stray off of the golden path for just a while longer!  It's for a good cause...  and there are many good projects in the works!

I will be posting my progress here - wish me luck!




I thought I tortured everyone enough in my last post.   ;-)


While there isn't any Neil Young, there are audio clips of each of the guitars in that post - I won't suffer anyone through it again here...

BTW, Bob, I added your blog to my Hand Tool Headlines list o'blogs - I love your carving!  I have a couple good friends who carve caricatures in cottonwood bark that will enjoy reading your adventures in carving and woodworking...



OK,  you talked me into it.  Here we go - a part of it, anyway

Down By The River

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If the player above doesn't load, here's a direct link to the file:

No apologies for the player's abilities - he's trying his best, mind you.  You should be able to tell which guitar it is I'm playing pretty easily (it is Mjöllnir, BTW).


Awesome.  Wish I could play like that.  Key word there is wish.  If I needed to play like that I would practice!!

Great job!