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Restoring an Old Handsaw

I picked up an E.C. Atkins saw on ebay for $7.50 - here is the picture used by the seller:

Looks pretty good in the photo - but its always a gamble when dealing on ebay.  When I get a new saw, the first thing I check is that it is straight, and free of rust.  This one checked out for straightness quite well, but a previous restoration had not removed the rust completely, just glazed it over:

Removing the handle (I had to use the mallet shown to get it off - obviously this was the first time this handle had been off the saw - which is a good thing, actually) shows up some more bad news:

It was obvious this was a candidate for restoration - so the following pages describe the process I went through to restore this saw..  Warning - I am not a collector.  The processes I use might not be the best processes to use for any kind of a valuable saw.  You might see also see some variance from the way Pete Taran describes on his web site  If you have any doubts, defer to that web site's recommendations, not mine.  This is just how I restore a saw for my own use.