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An early pair of Norse Woodsmith saws for sale


I see there is an early pair of Norse Woodsmith saws for sale on ebay (thanks for pointing them out to me, Marv!).  I am not the one selling them, the original owner is..

These were one of the first sets I ever made, you can tell by the hand-stamped logo:

I think they would be from either the second or third batch of saws I made.  After that, I started using a custom made logo stamp, and brass split nuts rather than the Great Neck brand saw screws on these.

The short one is a 6" saw, patterned after an old English saw I found once upon a time.

It will be interesting to see what they go for.  Bid early!  Bid often!  I might have to bid on them myself, I didn't keep any for me...



I searched in my books, in my files and on the web a confirmation to the method I described, both for saws and for thread, but I've not found it.

So, evidently, I have dreamed it.
At this point, instead of calling it correct or standard, we have to call it a imperfectly creative approach. :-)
Best regards,


I would definitely go out of my way to save some of your own for yourself... It's probably the biggest mistake I made.  I do have one, an 8" saw, that I kept that is near to the same vintage as these in the auction are, but I always wished I'd kept a couple more.  

BTW, I don't think that any of mine compare to the work you guys are doing today.. Great work!



Hi Leif,

thank you! Did you know that 50% of my knoledge about sawmaking is from your page? That's a fact. 
49 % from Ray Gardiners, Mike Wenzloff and a German Forum and 1% I found out myself. 
So whenever you see a TLT, there's a lot of your work in it.
Best wishes 


That's definitely cool to hear - thanks, Pedder!

I'm reminded of a joke dad used to tell me - note, this is just a joke, and I'm not applying to anyone, but I've always thought it humorous:

"Stupid kid.  Taught him everything I know and he still doesn't know a Go$$@##ed thing...."

Keep up the good work!

For those not in the know, Pedder is half of the team that makes up Two Lawyers Toolworks:


That, my friends - is a true piece of artwork!

I also follow Pedder's blog on Norse Woodsmith:

To even be compared to someone that can produce that kind of craftsmanship is an honor...




Both saws are really great pieces of an art being lost on today's mechanical society.  The saws went for $140.

I don't do anything for woodworking, but have a dream of some day having a wood shop after the kids are gone and learning the craft.  I've got a good instructor in dad.
Thanks Leif