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On the Cusp: Bad Axe Tool Works Back Saws


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A Bad-Axe Tool Works Prototype.

 Having this web site has given me the great privilege of watching and conversing with some of today's finest toolmakers and restorers from their very beginning.  Every story is different, and all of the toolmakers each have their own individual talents and approaches to challenges, but yet all of them seem to be cut from the same cloth. 

Each are fiercely independent, entrepreneurial, and motivated.  And each want to have their own "stamp" on the tool.  Some are more artistic, some more attached to historical preferences, and some - like Mark Harrell of Techno - are simply out to make a quality tool.

Now, Mark - who has been mostly restoring saws until now - has decided to turn his talents towards sawmaking.  The results look stunning. 

Bad-Axe Tool Works is planning on rolling out an 18" and a 16" back saw in the next month or so.  Made with R50-R52 .025" thick Swedish spring steel, the saws also have a traditional etch that recalls logos of eras past:

The saws also promise a new twist.  While stylish, I've always thought that using brass for the backs was not the best choice of metal.  it's prettier, yes - but the qualities of steel are so much more appropriate for the task.  The new Veritas saws use a resin-impregnated mix that - while I think at the price they are offered are very good - are not the material of choice I think is the best for the job.

The new Bad-Axe saws will have blued, folded steel backs.  This is something I've been looking for in a quality saw - and now it looks like it's here.

I'm looking forward to test driving one.

You can check out Mark's web site for more information:





An update:   Looks like Bad-Axe ducks are lining up - a recent blog post at the Salazar Packaging company's web site features Mark's saws:

It includes a small picture of one of the Bad Axe saws:

Bad Axe Packs

That looks like a substantial saw!  I'm seriously jonesing that thing...