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Woodworking techniques

Buffed Bods

 With enough lacquer applied and enough time for it all to dry sufficiently (at least 3 weeks), it's time to finally buff out the finishes on the guitar bodies.

One small problem I had - no buffer.  It can be done by hand, sanding using finer and finer grits until you reach a point where you can use a polishing wheel, like perhaps a lambs' wool bonnet or foam pad for my DA.  The process is fairly labor intensive, but certainly doable.  I had another idea...

Applying a Logo and a Finish

Another entry in the guitar build has arrived...

 Applying nitrocellulose lacquer is a test of patience.  It's a slow process to do right - but in it's defense, it's got to be just about the easiest spray finish to learn with. 

Nitrocellulose lacquer for the most part has been replaced with more modern finishes including enamels, polyurethanes, water-based finishes, and of course - acrylic lacquers. 

Body Shaping

The guitar build continues... Now that I've got all the mistakes fixed (at least to this point!), I can do the final shaping of the two bodies (the third has binding, and won't require any shaping).

 The first part is pretty straight forward - using a router to round over the edges.  The only real thing to watch for is how close you get to the neck pocket on the top - I stopped about 1/4" to 1/2" short of the neck pocket, and finished that part by hand. 


Fixing Boo Boos.


The next entry in the guitar build is here!  What's that you say?  Why am I so slow??  I just am, so get used to it!


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