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The Backsaw Project



A Handled Wooden Bench Plane

I learned a lot from building my first plane - a more traditionally made coffin smoother - and wanted to continue that education.  That plane was merely a prototype... made specifically to see what it takes to make one.  Now, it's time to try the real thing.  A word of warning - I'm going to be documenting (read - writing mind-boggling amounts of B.S. about) this plane pretty extensively - so this project will take up several pages.  If  that scares you (and it should...) then turn away now.  The rest of us will wait until you leave the room to continue...
As always - text presented in this format came later, with hindsight - or through other's prodding.  Usually, I'm pointing something out that I either missed, should have done differently (or want to on the next), or just want to make the reader aware of something.  I  may add more comments such as this later, when I've had more time to reflect on the project.

Building a Traditional Coffin Smoother


Building a Coffin Smoother using traditional methods...

I go through the steps I took in building this:

Follow the links below:

A pair of planemaker's floats


I've always loved wood molding planes. Ever since I was a kid, I saw these things and immediately thought "those must be owned by somebody who is a real craftsman". Well, now I'm older and own a few planes myself (so much for the 'real craftsman' part of that fantasy) I've wanted to get a set of woodies together. I've had some luck in finding some hollows and rounds, but often these things are in poor shape. Living in Idaho, one doesn't find these too often at any local flea market, and besides, a complete set in good shape isn't cheap when you do find them - and I am a very cheap guy.


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