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Tool Restoration and Maintenance

Cleaning the Handle

While the blade is cooking in the electrolysis bath, it's time to tackle the handle.  I start off by using a small brush and some mineral spirits:

Cleaning the Blade

Cleaning the Blade

I start off by using a razor blade and some mineral spirits to scrape as much of the rust off of the blade that I can:

Restoring an Old Handsaw

I picked up an E.C. Atkins saw on ebay for $7.50 - here is the picture used by the seller:

Looks pretty good in the photo - but its always a gamble when dealing on ebay.  When I get a new saw, the first thing I check is that it is straight, and free of rust.  This one checked out for straightness quite well, but a previous restoration had not removed the rust completely, just glazed it over:


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