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Tool Restoration and Maintenance

Hand Saw Basics

There are 3 separate sections to this article, as you can see above - I've provided links to the various sections at the beginning and end of each section, so the reader can skip over parts they have read or aren't interested in and get directly to the part they want to see.  There is also a "NEXT" link at the top and bottom right of the page for those who want to go through it all sequentially.

Jasper's Wooden Saw Vise

In the back saw article, I referred to an article on building a saw vise on the Cornish Workshop web site.  That vise, while a very well designed vise, is not useable as shown for backsaws.  It is designed, rather, for larger saws that don't have the back, so is inappropriate for back saws without some significant design changes.


I'm not going to go into too much depth on sharpening, as Pete Taran has written up about the best treatise on the web for sharpening saws on the web at his site  But here is what I did for this saw.


It's time to put the saw back together, and see how it looks:

Not too bad.  Here's a close up of the handle, followed by the original taken off of ebay:

Cleaning the Brass Nuts and Finishing Up the Blade

Looking at the brass nuts that hold the handle to the saw, I could see there was both a bit of corrosion and tarnish.  Kind of hard to see in this picture, but you get the idea.  So it's a trip to the grinder that has a buffing wheel charged with tripoli.


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