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Tool Restoration and Maintenance

Tanged Chisel Handles

Depending on what stock I have on hand, I sometimes turn 2 handles at once.  This can be more difficult to do - the long stock can tend to vibrate more in the lathe, making it more difficult to get it smooth, at least in my experience.  But the benefit is in increased output - and I had a piece of 15" long ash that was dying to be made into handles, so...


The Difference Between a Hollow Grind and a Micro-Bevel

This is taken out of the sharpening gouges article, just as a quick reference. I may add to it as time permits and ideas come...

Hollow Grind

A hollow grind simply refers to how the wheel cuts the bevel on the edge of the tool (this graphic is a bit exaggerated):


Making Chisel Handles


I was asked recently why re-handling old chisels involves so much black magic - and the truth is, I don't know if there is any magic involved...  I've never found it too difficult, unless the quality of the chisel was poor.  A friend asked if I could document how I make them, so here it is...  

The Tools

Diagnosing Common Issues with Hand Saws

OK - you've got your saw in your hand, and it just isn't working like you think it should.  What do you do?  I'll try and cover some of the basic issues I've seen with saws, hopefully enough to get you started in the right direction as to what's going on with it.

The Saw Leaves a Very Rough Edge/Tear Out Problems

A common issue with hand saws is they leave behind a rough cut, or cause much more tear-out than is necessary.  There's a couple things to look at to solve this...

Sharpening Hand Saws

This is as basic of a skill to woodworking as sharpening a chisel, and not much more difficult.  Yet, some still quake with fear at the prospect, as if Odin himself will smite them should they dare put file to saw.  Or, they think others can do the job better for them....  I will try hard to explain the processes of sharpening within, with my goal being to demystify the process.  After that - practice is what is needed.  Practice, practice, practice.  You will fail during some of your first attempts, have no doubt...


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