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Tool Restoration and Maintenance

Re-Establishing the Inner Bevel and Polishing


Now that I've gotten the outer bevel established and a medium polish put on using the medium grit India bench stone, it's time to turn my attention the the inner, concave part of the cutting edge.  Using a soft arkansas slip stone, I begin working the inside bevel:

Removing the Grinder Marks

Now that I've got the basic bevel established, it's time to get to work on removing the marks the grinder left behind.  Sharpening a gouge by hand takes a little bit of practice... sharpening the rounded edge evenly across it's entire width requires an even hand.  But it's not really as tough as it sounds...

There are two techniques you can use to sharpen a gouge.  The first is to sharpen parallel to the cutting edge, running the gouge in a "W" shape on the stone (to lessen the dishing out affect on the stone), such as in this graphic:

Sharpening a Gouge

Sharpening a Gouge

Re-shaping the bevel

The victim is a 1/2" Stiletto brand cabinetmaker's gouge recently acquired in a lot of vintage chisels.  It looks like it's been well taken care of, as the blade is full length, and the edge is perpendicular to the axis of the blade:

Oil Stones

A brief overview of some of the more common oil stones being used today... as a preface to the sharpening gouges article.

Jonathan's "Saw Chops"

The following dialogue is taken from portions of  email conversations I had with fellow woodworker Jonathan Skipsey, whom I've corresponded with regularly for quite a while now.  These particular quotes are in relation to a discussion we carried on concerning saw vises - Jonathan had seen field built vises and was considering making one for himself.  I thought it might be of help to others, so asked if I could add it here.


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