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Hand Tools

Using and Troubleshooting Saws

Using and Troubleshooting Hand Saws

Specialty Saws and Taper Grinding

Specialty saws

Classic crosscut and rip saws along with back saws cover 95% of the work done in my shop with a saw.  There are a few specialty saws that I've found very handy, and should review for this article as well...

Keyhole saws.  Keyhole saws have a narrow blade, and were used for all things - making keyholes in desks and drawers.  The narrow blade allows for tighter turns to be made - here is my version of a larger keyhole saw:

Hand Saw Basics

There are 3 separate sections to this article, as you can see above - I've provided links to the various sections at the beginning and end of each section, so the reader can skip over parts they have read or aren't interested in and get directly to the part they want to see.  There is also a "NEXT" link at the top and bottom right of the page for those who want to go through it all sequentially.


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