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Hand Tools

Making an Awl and a Marking Knife

Two of the most basic tools in a joiner’s toolbox are the lowly awl and marking knife - yet they are often two of the poorest tools, too. I know - I've been suffering with a pair of cheap hardware store awls for years - they are truly useless for marking, though. Thick and heavy, and don't hold a point worth squat. My main marking knife has been a utility knife, too - a poor substitute. Yet these are some of the most important tools to have for fine joinery. I decided it was time for an upgrade...

Testing Five Different Back Saws

The following was taken from a conversation I had on an internet woodworking forum.  Some folks there thought it might be nice if I made it available for reading here - so I've edited it slightly to fit into an "article" better.

Oil Stones

A brief overview of some of the more common oil stones being used today... as a preface to the sharpening gouges article.

Sharpening, Continued


Sharpening the Teeth

This section is on re-sharpening existing teeth on a saw.  If you would like to re-tooth a saw, there is a section in the back saw project on cutting new teeth into the blade that might interest you - but as that isn't the norm, I'm not going to include it here.. 

Types of Handsaws


Some Basic Types of Hand Saws used in Furniture Making


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