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Review: The Art of Joinery by Joseph Moxon with Commentary by Christopher Schwarz

Joseph Moxon's "The Art of Joinery" is one of the earliest texts available to the general public written on woodworking, dating from around the late 1600's. It's actually one part of a compilation of articles written by Moxon starting in 1678, and compiled into book form later, which was titled "The Mechanik Exercises or the Doctrine of Handy-Works". It's significance is really in it's age - it is such an early example of the methods used by woodworkers, that its study is at least somewhat warranted just for that fact alone.

Moxon's the Art of Joinery

This latest "edition" also includes commentary by Popular Woodworking editor Chris Schwarz, who has also edited the original text in places to help clear up some of the grammar used by Moxon (English was a different language then than it is now) to make it more palatable and understandable to today's reader. Since reading this book, I've been putting off doing a review on it... When it first arrived I was excited to read the book, and I really, really wanted to do a glowing review on an insightful interpretation of a significant historical text, but - I just can't do that - at least not completely.



A Simple Veneer Repair


 Sandy and I received this old radio cabinet during an acquaintance's move for the cost of hauling it down 3 flights of stairs and hauling it away - It dates from around 1929 or so and at first glance looks in pretty good shape.  In actuality, it looks better than it is - the doors are in great shape, but the case is really poor.  Also, all of the original radio parts have been cannibalized, so all that is left is basically the cabinet itself:

New Veritas Dovetail Saw


Veritas (the line of tools made by the Lee Valley company) has introduced a new tool (for them), a western style dovetail saw. It's a completely new take on a classic design:

Lee Valley Dovetail Saw

Recommendations on Sawmakers, Restorers, and Sharpeners

Every once in a while I'm asked if I could restore or make a saw for a fellow woodworker. Unfortunately, my current employment situation allows me little time for personal endeavors (like finishing my shop!), much less that for others - so I've had to severely cut back work I do for others.


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