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An aggregate of many different woodworking blog feeds from across the 'net all in one place!  These are my favorite blogs that I read everyday...

Be sure to visit the Hand Tool Headlines section - scores of my favorite woodworking blogs in one place.  Also, take note of Norse Woodsmith's latest feature, an Online Store, which contains only products I personally recommend.  It is secure and safe, and is powered by Amazon.


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Dyverse Musings on the Ephemera & Books of Early Trades, Crafts & Industries to include early photography, trade catalogs, billheads, manuscripts, antique tools, woodworking, leather working, metal working, textiles, books of course and the publishing thereof.
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Why books are better than electronics

Sun, 03/09/2014 - 4:16pm
Woman pulls up next to me in CVS parking lot, asking for directions while blocking three cars behind her. Woman: Where is #50 Dedham Parkway in Hyde Park? Me: This is Dedham you're in. Dedham Parkway ends here. The other side of the intersection is High Street towards Dedham Center. Hyde Park is back the way you came. Woman: No, that's not right! My GPS says 50 Dedham Parkway in Hyde Park is here. Do you know where it is? Me: Pointing to the shopping center, the abandoned bar, the bridge over Mother Brook and saying, from where I stand...
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Toolemera Books Classic Set On Sale At Popular Woodworking

Thu, 03/06/2014 - 9:06am
Listen carefully, if you can listen carefully to a text blog. Ok, you can if you have a screen reader turned on. So sue me. Popular Woodworking has selected 9 Toolemera titles, along with 3 of their PDF books to offer as a special Sale Set entitled: The Woodworkers Classic Library. This is not a shill for toolemerabooks.com as I have already earned my dollars and cents on this offering. Popular Woodworking asked, I accepted and I printed and shipped the books. Yes, I sat up late nights, covered in printers ink, page by page turning out each book on...
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Diderot's Tinsmith Plates # 1 and # 2

Mon, 02/24/2014 - 7:47am
Just received from Italy. And why not?
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by Dr. Radut