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Accidental Woodworker

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The daily dribble from my workshopRalph Boumenothttp://www.blogger.com/profile/10606484453109932074noreply@blogger.comBlogger5112125
Updated: 3 hours 24 min ago

2nd portable chest of drawers done.......

Sun, 04/14/2024 - 3:34am

 Let me put this another way. All the woodworking is done as is the prep for applying the finish. All that is left to get a check mark in the done column is 4-6 coats of shellac. I spent the morning working on it and quit at lunch time. I'll start the shellac tomorrow. The rest of the day was spent prepping the three #5's for sale.

the drawer stops cooked overnight

First glamour shot is head on. The only drawers I even tried to pay any attention to for grain and color were the two large drawers. The top drawer on the left sticks out a wee bit. More like a weak neon lighted sign than one that is fully bright.

 critique time

All of the drawers need improving. For the most part the top and bottom margins look good but the R/L sides aren't. Big gap here on the bottom left drawer. The gap above is what it should be at its maximum.

 small drawers are the worse

The top and bottom margins are good but I was in La La Land dialing in the R/L ends. My drawer margins are improving and I can recall when I wouldn't do an inset drawer at all. I would only do an overlay because they don't have gaps. 

I also don't like the through dado grooves showing at the front. Mostly because I have gaps in them too. I think in order for this joint to look good it should be tight and seamless.

end panels

The grain runs and flows around both end panels. The bottom front (both ends) got rounded over in error but it kind of doesn't look too bad. This chest drawers can live hanging on a wall on sitting a horizontal surface.


If I were to do this again I would put the grain swirl thing at the bottom middle flipped 180 so it was at the top. I think having it at top is better to the eye than having it down. I don't think it will be visible and if it is, won't be noticed by a non woodworker.

 other end panel

Not much to quibble about on the end panels. It is impossible to view them both so I can't compare them one to another.


I like that the bottom will be up off any horizontal surface that it may land on. That allows air to circulate and will make the shellac last longer. If it were laying directly on a horizontal surface the shellac could stick to it.

 half blinds

Getting better at doing this joint. Half blinds at the front and through dovetails at the back. I only had one set going a wee bit south on me and it was the last drawer. I had to shim on tail on that one.

I had two of the small drawers move on me while cooking. That is the only thing I think of why when fitted in the drawer openings they were tapered. Left side inset past the front edge and the right side proud of the front edge. I got it sorted out and fixed but it took a while to get there.

 large drawers

These two came out the best. I used slips on all five drawers and I like them a lot. No grooves weakening the thin sides and no groove to try and bury in a tail. And the slip doesn't eat up any extra interior drawer depth.

 Stanley #5 1/4

Cleaned up and ready to be adopted. It is a blue Stanley which makes a fairly new plane - I think this one is a type 18. It has a hang hole drilled in the toe and has no other defects. I am not a fan of hang holes. My grandsons have a 5 1/4 and don't need a second one. I am pricing this one to sell - $80 with shipping included for anywhere in the lower 48.

It spit out even width, length, and thickness shavings. It is ready to go as is but you might want to touch up the iron. I don't use cambers or employ the Charlesworth ruler trick. The bevel is straight, flat, sharp, and shiny.

 pretty plane

I didn't see this plane come up much for sale when I was going nutso rehabbing planes. The knob and handle I think is maple or birch stained black. It also has the kidney shaped lever cap.

 My daily user #5

I don't remember the type of this #5 but I think it is a type 10-11. That is the Stanley type(s) that I like. This was my daily user for about 6-7 years until I got a Stanley #5 bedrock and it got demoted. Cleaned up and ready for adoption. I am selling this one to go at $120 which includes shipping anywhere in the lower 48.

 RML shavings

On the first try too. I have given up trying to get the lateral adjust in the middle of the iron. I am now resigned to getting the plane to spit out even width, length, and thickness shavings right, middle, and left (RML).

 Miller Falls No 14

I was hoping to get all 3 planes done but the Miller Falls had something to say about that. The frog adjust screw has rust on the threads. I filled the hole with EvapoRust and I had to let it soak for a few hours. I'll be finishing this one up in the AM tomorrow. I used this MF for about 6-7 months and no complaints. I didn't see or feel any differences between it and a Stanley #5. I had more than one Stanley #5 to compare it to.

Pricing this one to sell for the same as the Stanley #5 at $120. Shipping including to anywhere in the lower 48, and I'll sign the adoption papers.

accidental woodworker

ready for finish......

Sat, 04/13/2024 - 3:25am

Well, it is almost ready for shellac. I think I'm done with the woodworking for the 2nd portable chest of drawers. Of the two of them I like this one more than the first one. It was a bit frustrating doing the last of the woodworking today and it ate up a ton of time and boatload of calories. Before I launch myself into another project I'm going to finish up the #5 planes I want to sell.

a senior moment

I thought I had sized the drawers sides so that the drawer would be flush at the front. It seems that I forgot to add the front and back thicknesses to the length. I don't mind inset drawers but this is a wee bit too much.

two left

Before I can finish fitting the two large drawers I have to get the knobs installed.

a few moments later

The book has only one knob per drawer. I decided to put two on the larger drawers and one on the smaller ones.

last set back?

I don't like the width of this gap and I'll fix it before figuring out the drawer stop SNAFU. I am not going to make another drawer and I'll get this one to work.

 adding strips

I only need to build up the front and the sides. There isn't any need/reason to build up the back top edge.

 front glued and cooking

I could have worked on something else but it was close to the time to fill the pie hole. 

 drawer stops

The plan was to saw and install two stops at the back of each drawer. 


Got the stops dry fitted on the two large drawers. I was happy with the flush fit of them. It isn't dead nuts perfect but it looks good to my eye as is.

 Pain In The Arse

I could get my hands in the large drawers but it wasn't happening with the 3 small ones. I needed a flashlight and a stick to position the stops at the back. This first drawer took me the longest to do because I kept running up against hiccups. The first one was glue build up at the back. I was able to eventually clean that up with my paring chisel - it has a 11" long blade.

After that was addressed, the drawer wouldn't flush on the right side. It was flush on the left and tapered outwards until it was about a 1/8" proud on the right. I fiddled and faddled with the stops for a bazillion years and got nowhere with them. I got the proud down to a 16th but no anymore than that.


I took the stops out of the first drawer and tried them in the middle one. They worked like a hand going into a glove. The bottom drawer decided that it too wanted to be proud on the right and flush on the left.

Went back to doing battle with the top drawer. I planed the back because I had left it as is after gluing it up. Didn't see any need to go nutso on it but it seems I had to. Planing it smooth and flush ate up some of the proud on the right. Decided then that the best course of action was to leave the stops as is and plane the back right corner of the drawer until it was flush. That worked and it only took 3 dance steps to make it right.

I washed, rinsed, and repeated the same to fix the proud on the bottom drawer.

serious butt scratching coming

How do I get glue on the drawer stop and set in place? Not only can't I get my hands in there, I can't see anything neither.

 fingers crossed

Put a brad in the end of stick and clipped it. The idea is to put the stop on the nail, apply glue to it, and then use the stick to position the stop at the back. 

 it worked

I was concerned with two things using this. The first was the stop staying on the nail until I got it in place. The second was would I be able remove the stop from the nail once I got it where it was supposed to be.


I used hide glue to fix the stops in place. My first thoughts were to use super glue but nixed that. All the woodworking was finally done. I still have to put my brand on the chest of drawers. Haven't decided where to put it yet. Choices are the back or the bottom or the bottoms of the drawers.

 from Craig

Asked my friend Craig if he could make me a plow plane iron for 5.2mm plywood. He sent me two to try out.

 didn't work

The angle on the iron is too steep. Craig had sent me a cleaned up drawing of the one I sent him and I missed this big time. The bevel face to 90° is 60°. That is too steep for an iron. Angles like this always play havoc with my brain bucket. 

 my brain fart

I told Craig the length was 2 1/2" and it should have been 3 1/2". No idea why I obviously fixated on 2 1/2". The iron fit in the Record 043 but not by much. There was only about a 1/4" sticking past the hold down screw.

not worth it

Craig made the irons 5.2mm and it is thinner than the 5.2mm plywood ( make the pic bigger to see the gap). I think trying to make an iron for plywood that comes from outside the US is like pissing into a head wind. This plywood it wonky and it moves like crazy. Even the good old US Birch plywood measures differently when measured in several spots along the edges of it. I'm going to have to do a whole lot more serious butt scratching on this before I try anything else.

accidental woodworker

and then there were none.......

Fri, 04/12/2024 - 3:27am

 The crappy weather came back today but the worse of the rain is supposedly coming on friday morning. It doesn't matter as I got all the drawers done for the 2nd portable chest of drawers. Well it might be a maybe got all of them done. One drawer might be iffy. I'll find whether or not it went south tomorrow.

 healthy amount of twist

I knew this was twisted or was going to be twisted when I glued it up. It was way too much ignore but I was sure I could plane it away. The one hiccup with that was with the twist planed away would that make it too small for the drawer opening?

 2nd small drawer

Before I started fitting the first drawer I glued the 2nd one up and set it aside to cook.

 had to plane a lot off

Didn't realize it at the time but this was the bottom drawer of the 3. I planed and fitted it to the top drawer opening. The bottom one is a 1/8" taller then the other two drawers.

 taking a lot of dance steps

I misread where the drawer was binding and I planed too much off the sides. The continuing headache was the top was still binding. I am less than 1/2 way into the opening here.

many minutes later

Still hadn't dawned on me that I screwed up where this drawer should have been fitted into. This drawer will bottom out in the opening. To get it out I tilted the carcass forward until it fell out.

out of sight

I labeled all the drawers on the inside edge of the front slip. You can't see it when accessing the drawer, you have to pull it out and look for it.

last drawer

I didn't saw the back to the correct width. I might have to add a strip to the bottom of the two sides to bring it flush with the bottom. I'll decide that tomorrow because I really don't want to make another drawer.


This is where I found out I fitted the drawers to the wrong openings. This is going to be the bottom drawer now. It fits loosely top/bottom but not R/L.

planed the side

This gap (top) is a wee bit wider than what I would like it be. If I add a strip to the top front I'll also have to build up the top of the sides. It might be easier to just whack out another drawer - shouldn't take more than an hour to do that and I have stock for it. Another decision for tomorrow.

knobs came in

The chest in the book has knobs with a 9/16" diameter that has an integral screw. I don't know whether or not they were metal, wood, or glass. I doubt they were glass because I have never seen any glass ones shaped like this. These are brass and come with a wood screw and a 8/32 machine screw. 


I like the wood screw idea but the screw is too long to use on these drawer fronts. They aren't thick enough so I will have to use the machine screw but cut its length down some.

changed my mind again

Decided to ditch the brass knobs and use wooden ones. The one on the left I thought of using on the left side large drawers. The one on the right is for the 3 smaller drawers. Killed this one too due to the small tenon size on the right knob.

dwindling numbers

I am going to use these small shaker knobs instead. Knob layout sitting at desk is 2 knobs on each of the large drawers and single knobs on smaller ones - all of them the same size.

accidental woodworker

2 left......

Thu, 04/11/2024 - 3:27am

 Didn't get much time in the shop today. I got a blister on my left foot a couple of days ago and it has been throwing a hissy fit since I got up this AM. It is a throbbing, tooth ache like pain that makes it suck to walk. I got it bandaged and cleaned up but that ain't helping. It is getting red and itchy which is a sign of infection so I'll have to keep an eye on it.

My order from Infinity Tools came today. When I last checked it this AM it was supposed to come tomorrow. My order of 20 Izzy skirt washers has arrived. $7.90 for ten plus about $7 for S/H. Much more reasonable than the $31 S/H from the other site I was going to buy them from.

 table top fasteners

These are two of the table top fasteners that I use. I have yet to have any issues or headaches with either one of them. The figure 8 fastener on the right supposedly doesn't have a lot of movement but again, no problems. I can see where any movement with it might not be in the right direction depending upon the wood grain it is screwed down to.

 my 20 Izzy Skirt Washers

Why didn't they put all of these in one bag? Not that I'm complaining because the bags are heavy duty and I'll reuse them for something else.


This is an interesting design and it has a lot of room to move around. Not only can't it swing in an arc, there is about a 1/2" of lateral movement. I have a project up coming that I plan to use these on.


Both of the large drawers are done. Slips and bottoms are installed and fitting them to the openings was in the batters box.

 bottom fitted

I think this will go in all the way but I stopped it here. I have knobs on order but that haven't arrived yet. I didn't want to risk fully seating the drawer and not being able to pull it back out.

 2nd drawer

This is as far as the drawer will go in. I still have to plane the top front of the drawer so it will fit the opening. That will happen after the knobs come in.

 new slips

I went to Lowes this morning and bough two sheets of 5.2mm plywood for $13 each. 1/4" birch plywood is $21 each but for drawer bottoms the 5.2mm is good enough.

 one down, two to go

This is the largest of the remaining 3 drawers. Got it glued and cooking with the front slip cooking too.

 kicked my arse

This back dovetail joint was a struggle for me. I first reversed the sides (put the outside on the inside) but that didn't matter. However when it came time to saw the pin socket I found a boo boo. I had reversed the pin socket on the ends of the back. Muscle memory kicked in and saved me a lot of grief.

Killed the lights here because the foot was singing arias to me. I have never had a blister hurt this much. The goal for tomorrow will be to finish and fit the last two drawers. Hopefully the knobs will be in by then too.

Shout out to Sylvain for pointing out a me-steak I made on my 'herd of woodies' blog post. I wrote that the irons were different where it should have been the 'chipbreakers' are different. The slot for the yoke on the transitional chipbreaker is higher up, closer to the top. The metal plane chipbreaker has the slot lower and about in the middle. I have made the corrections to the blog post.

accidental woodworker

2 down, 3 to go......

Wed, 04/10/2024 - 3:12am

 Went for my daily stroll in the AM. I think I'll keep with this schedule because it works better for me. Strolling after lunch breaks up a big chunk of my PM shop session. Today I got back to the shop before 12 noon and quit around 1500. Depending upon when I stroll in the AM I could get an hour or more shop time in the AM too. I'll have to see how that shakes out. The stroll won't happen until after I finish my daily sudoku and crossword puzzles.

 first large drawer

My goal for today is get the two large drawers glued and cooking. Fitting them will come tomorrow. I was mulling over here whether to chop the pins or put it on the bench and go for my stroll. The stroll won the coin toss.

 before lunch

Got the tails chopped and one end of the drawer front fitted. I had no doubts that I would get both of these done by 1500.

 needed a visual

Something was causing my spider sense to start tingling and I couldn't put my finger on it. The back dovetails were off and looking at a drawer from the first portable chest of drawers wasn't clearing things up from me.

 the 'aha' moment

This is what was causing the heebie jeebies with me. I have too much to the right of the right 1/2 pin. It took me a few minutes before the light bulb came on. The back hadn't been sawn to the correct width - it was still the same width as the drawer front. After I sawed it to the correct width all was well in Disneyland again.

 first drawer cooking

The pins and tails were snug enough to hold the drawer square. While the drawer was cooking I glued the front drawer slip on.

 2nd drawer

About an hour later I had the 2nd drawer the same as the first one. I will glue the side slips on later - probably after dinner.

back to the first drawer

Got the side slips glued on and cooking. I found two scraps of 5.2mm plywood for the drawer bottoms. Still leaning in the direction of 1/8" plywood for the 3 smaller drawers but that is subject to change. If I do change lanes on that I'll have to make a road trip to Lowes for 5.2mm plywood.

 2nd drawer

Satisfied with the joinery on both of these drawers. I had a bit of apprehension going into these due to thinness of the drawer sides. I shouldn't have because I have done drawers with this thin stock before. Not sure how the slip detail will work on the 3 smaller drawers because they aren't as wide. I'll find that tidbit out tomorrow.

It was another beautiful spring day in my part of the universe. The temp got up to 78F (26C) with sunny skies. Great strolling weather for sure but it is looking like it will be cut short this week. Rain supposedly coming in tomorrow.

I didn't gain or lose this past sunday's weigh in which sucks because I behaved. I found some old 5lb ankle weights that I'm into my second week wearing. I put them on in the morning and remove them before dinner. I walked yesterday with them and today and I can feel them walking up the two hills on my route. I cut out about 15 minutes of the stroll so as to not over do it. I'll keep this up until I feel like I am walking without them and I'll add the final leg of my daily stroll. 

accidental woodworker

2nd chest of drawers.......

Tue, 04/09/2024 - 3:53am

 It was a beautiful spring day. The temp zoomed up to 68F (20C) with an almost cloudless blue sky with winds out of the west south west. That was blowing at a good clip and would have been a PITA if the temps were lower. I think this was the 2nd time this year that I went on my stroll without a coat. The rest of the week is forecasted to turn into crap with cloudy skies first with rain showers coming back.

 clamps off

I was able to pull out the 2nd divider on the right. The next batter was its sibling above it.

 gentle persuasion

I got the top one out with the help of slip joint pliers. The rag was to keep them from marking up the dividers.

 ain't budging

In spite of the rag I left an imprint from the pliers on the dividers. I pulled on this one with all I had and nada. I will wick superglue into the dado on the top and bottom at the front and back.


In hindsight me thinks I made a boo boo. Decided to flush all the dividers and the vertical divider is proving to be a problem. Classic planing with and across the grain in the same direction. No way to avoid it neither. Next time I'll do the dividers flush from the git go.

 split the end

The end went in/out dry without any hiccups. I put some glue on the ends and it froze going back in. I got it to seat but the dado bottom split almost from the front to the back. I glued the split and clamped it.

 drawer stock

I'm glad I made extras for the front and backs because I needed them. Or at least I thought I did. I forgot that I was using 3/8" thick sides and backs. I fitted two new 1/2" thick pieces for the backs.

 ditto for the right

Did the same for the 3 drawers on the right - all the backs are now a 1/2" thick.


The top is set down 1 1/4" and the bottom is up set 7/8". The 1" radius was supposed to be on the top and me, because I'm brain dead, put it on the bottom.

I could have left it as is making the bottom the top and top the bottom. However, I liked the 1 1/4" at the top so I put a 1 1/4" radius at the top. It didn't look off to my eye on the workbench but I think this would better if it was hung on a wall. That way it makes sense to have the bottom rounded like the top.


One saw cut removed the bulk of the waste. I did the final removal and shaping with a 80 grit sanding block.

 back rabbet

Happy with how tight this rabbet turned out. There are no gaps on either the outside on inside of it. The rabbet is also consistent from the top to the bottom. I am not going to nail it.

 layout and labels

The labeling I do for dovetails is usually one thing I follow. It has saved my bacon quite a few times. I'm doing the two larger drawers first.

 drawer slips

I thought I had more than this left over from the first portable chest of drawers. No matter as I have more than enough for the two large drawers. I'll have to make slips for the 3 small drawers.

 both ends

Since I had the slips already I could do the dovetails at the back as well as the front ones. I had to stop and orientate myself again back to the first chest of drawers on the dovetail layout at the back. I think I got it right and the acid test comes tomorrow.

 tails done

Killed the lights here. I'll do the pins in the AM and the goal for tomorrow is to get the two large drawers done. I'll have to make a run to Lowes to get some 5.2mm plywood for the bottoms. I'm thinking of using 1/8" plywood for the 3 smaller drawers. That would give more depth (minuscule amount I know) in the drawers.

accidental woodworker

1/2 day......

Mon, 04/08/2024 - 3:05am

 Just worked in the shop for the AM session. I got the 2nd chest of drawers glued up before lunch. I used hide glue on it so I'll be allowing it to cook until tomorrow. I spent the rest of day watching Spiral which is a french crime drama series. I've watched season one and I'm on into season two. The way this is going I'll be buying season 3 sometime tomorrow too.

 center vertical divider

I got a snug fit with it after I shaved a wee bit off one end.

 using the original drawer layout

I was going to do only two drawers on both sides. I changed my mind and I am doing the 3 drawers on the right side of the vertical divider. The right side first two drawers (from the top) are 1 3/4" and the 3rd one is a shade over 1 7/8".  

The first spacer is a 1 3/4" followed by a 1/2" one for the divider with another 1 3/4" spacer and a 1/2" divider. I used this setup to layout out both sides of the horizontal dividers on the right drawer opening.

 2nd one

The first one I did by hand split on me. I chopped the first dado was on the left with no problems. Doing the second on the top left was working until the center dado said No Mas and split. For the 2nd attempt I made all the dadoes on the tablesaw.

 dry fit minus the drawers

The drawer openings on the right are off (height) by about a 16th. I doubt that anyone will be able to pick it out. Everything is fitting well and snug. No gaps and the carcass is still dead nuts on the diagonals.

 left them proud

I will flush the dividers after the carcass has cooked and set up.  I am thinking of leaving the top and bottom horizontal ones proud. I like how that looks over having them flush with the ends.

glued and cooking

I think I made a boo boo. I only glued the center divider, the ends, top and bottom, and the back together. I inserted the horizontal drawer dividers in dry so the clamps didn't distort the openings. They were a frog shy of snug and now they ain't budging. I couldn't pull out any of them. There isn't any glue or fasteners in them and won't be if I can't pull them out. I'll have to wait and see what shakes out with that in the AM.

 shop is cool again

The shop temp is down to 61F (16C) right now. It had gotten up to 64F but the night time temps have been barely above freezing (32F   0C) again. Because I used hide glue and the low temp I will leave this in the clamps for 24.


This is 99% of what was left over from three 1" x 12" x 5 foot pine boards. Gave myself a pat on the back for good guess-ta-mating.

accidental woodworker

2nd portable chest of drawers......

Sun, 04/07/2024 - 3:34am

 Started the 2nd portable chest of drawers. I thought this one would easier to do but so far I've found that it is as difficult as the first one if not more so. I'm liking the challenge so far and I have had to make sure that my pencil was well sharpened. I think it won't take me as long to do this one as the first one. This one has half the drawers.

 the next day

Happy with how the stock has behaved itself. The big boards are all still flat and straight. No quibbles with the drawer stock neither.

 next ones to adopt

I have two #5's and one 5 1/4 that I'm prepping to adopt. All the screw holes were rusty which surprised me. Here I filled the frog adjust hole with EvapoRust and let it work for a couple of hours. After that I blew it out with canned air.

 joinery decisions

There isn't enough detail in the pic for me to pick out the joinery. This chest of drawers is basically a 'U' shape with the front filled with drawers. The back and how it connects with the sides is the battleground.

ugly end grain

From my view there is no way to avoid having end grain showing on this. It will either be at the front or at the top. It is a coin toss as to which it will be.

 I see two choices for here

There is a third one that is a butt joint that will get zero consideration. The other two contenders are dovetails (#1) or a rabbet joint. Both have their strengths and weaknesses and with either one I'll have to eyeball end grain.

two choices here

If I use a rabbet joint I can run the grain in two direction. The first one is with it flowing around the corner matching the back putting the end grain at the front. If I flip the end 90° the end grain is on the top. I then will have a cross grain glued joint to contend with.

 end on the top

I think to use this one is asking for potential stupid wood tricks to pop up. Since I would have to deal with end grain either way the rabbet joint is employed it makes more sense to put the end grain facing out and have continuous grain flowing around the corner.

breaking down the stock

I need 9 distinct pieces just for the carcass. The drawers need 25 pieces (already done except for the bottoms and slips).

 picked dovetails

I tried to layout the dovetails so that the groove would be hidden by a tail. I couldn't get a layout that I liked that didn't look like crap to my eye. I also didn't want to plug any groove gaps in the dovetails. Switched lanes here and decided on rabbets.

 never used these

I have 5 of these Stanley planes and I have yet to use one to make a project. Here I was still intent on hiding the grooves with a tail. I thought it would be better to do the layout after the grooves were done. The iron was sharp and the spurs were too but initially I had them set too deep.

 I'm not in Pisa Italy

My groove ain't flat but on the bright side it is a good snug fit for the size stock I'm using.

 too deep

I had to fiddle around with setting the protrusion of the iron and also make sure that it was parallel to the mouth. The irons in all the dado planes are skewed.


It ain't happening today boys and girls. I made ten practice runs and every single one of them was a slanted groove. I flipped flopped from tilting one side to the other and I said No Mas. Getting to know the in/outs of this plane wasn't going to happen today. I put this on the I'll get acquainted list for later.

doing it the hand tool way

 I'm not fond of chopping dadoes with the grain and even more so in pine. You have to have sharp chisels and a boatload of patience. Pine's grain usually grabs and tears out on the chisel line without any warning.

rabbets done

Got a good fit with the rabbets. Nothing is proud and nothing is short. The rabbets are on the ends so there won't be any end grain showing from the back.

 rabbet joint

Still mulling over whether or not to nail this along with gluing it. I think the Shaker craftsman you originally made this wouldn't frown on that. I thought of putting the rabbet on the back so if I did nail it that wouldn't be seen. Makes sense to me to nail from the ends into the back. I could also nail at an angle from the back into the ends but I don't want to risk getting any splits.

 too long

It was nerve wracking chopping these dadoes. I did have some blow out but luckily for me it was all on the bottom and will be hidden. The one spot I had it on the top I glued the chip back in with super glue. The top and bottom were too long by about 1/8".

dead nuts

It has been a while since I have gotten dead nuts equal on my diagonals. I'm sure the top and bottom are what helped to square up the carcass.

 changes coming

The drawers differ in heights a little. The 3 on the right by a 16th and the two on the left by 1/8. I'm thinking of putting two drawers on both sides because the left ones are too shallow. Originally this was for stowing sewing and knitting things. I don't see this being used for that.

 drawer divider layout

The interior diagonals were a frog hair off from each other. However, it checked for dead nuts square in each corner. This is where I left off for the day. I am leaning in the direction of four drawers, two on each side. I have a 5 3/4" opening and I'll lose a 1/2" for the horizontal drawer divider so I'm thinking of asymmetrical drawers. A 2" drawer on the top and the larger one on the bottom.

 came today

These are my favorite measuring sticks. I have two of them in shop - one kept at the workbench and the other on the tablesaw. Thursday I couldn't find either one of them. I went nutso tearing around the shop trying to find where I had put them down. Finally found the both of them in the pencil drawer. 

Decided the best way to deal with it was to buy two more. I'll probably misplace all four at some time down the road. Any bettors reading this?

accidental woodworker

herd of Woodies......

Sat, 04/06/2024 - 3:27am

 I have sold 4 planes so far and the next batch is a tame herd of woodie transitionals. I went nutso into woodies and never really used them. I always ended up reaching for a metal plane. I did use them to thickness several pieces of stock with the #5 and the #7 getting the lion's share of the workout. They have been collecting dust and it is time to put them up for adoption. 

 everything you need to get going

From the top to the bottom - #7, #5, # 4 1/2, and a #3 smoother. I am offering these up as a set for $225 plus shipping. All have been rehabbed and work as well as their metal siblings.

 everything works as it should

I stripped and derusted all the metal parts. I painted them with a primer and two coats of Rustoleum oil based gloss black enamel. All of the irons are correct for these planes. Irons from the metal siblings won't fit and function properly with transitional planes. The slot for the yoke is in a different spot.


I don't know how this pic came out like this. I am not a a photography savant by any stretch of the imagination. The top pic is from the #7. I got a cherry replacement knob and handle from Bill Rittner. I had to send him the plate so he could custom machine the handle to fit it. A piece of it chipped off and I never got around to gluing it back. That will be done before I ship them out.

 ditto for the jack

I had to get replacements for the jack too. Both of the knobs and handles were too far gone to save. The jack has a something amiss with the plate. I had to put a shim under the frog on the left side to get the iron parallel with the mouth.

 ready for adoption (almost)

The planes are a bit dusty and dirty from hanging out in the shop not getting any love from me. The will get cleaned up and looking real spiffy  to whoever adopts them.

I think the price for the four of them is fair. I am selling them at a big loss to me. The two sets of handles and knobs alone were about $150. I also had to buy two irons because they were from metal planes. Finding transitional irons that were usable was a PITA. Offering them up first to the readers of my keyboard diarrhea.

To the Canadian readers be forewarned shipping from the lower 48 north is expensive. Weight plays a big part along with the size of the box. Shipping a #5 to the northwest territories was estimated at a low of about $60 (US dollars) for normal delivery to $180 (US dollars) for I still don't know what. I couldn't get an answer on guaranteed delivery within a specified time for this cost. At the current exchange rates this is about $82 to $250 Canadian. Shipping the herd would be painful.

accidental woodworker

shaker drawers are done.....

Sat, 04/06/2024 - 3:17am

Still not sure what to call this. The author says it is a portable chest of drawers. Another author said it was a tool chest made by a father for his son. I do know it is shaker and I have seen several pics of it. Regardless of what it is called it certainly could have more than one use. I'm not sure how I'll use it now. Originally I thought to use it as toolchest too but I changed my mind now that it is done. Six of the drawers are too small IMO for woodworking tools. 

no stupid wood tricks

No surprises this AM with the drawer stock. I wasn't expecting any and I'll leave it here until I start on the carcass. BTW this drawer unit supposedly was dual purposed. It can hung on a wall or set on a table.

one more

I came back to the shop last night and did what I thought would be the last coat of shellac. However, this AM I decided to add another one for more protection. More than likely the top will be used as a horizontal storage area. 

33/64ths thick

The sun was out so I ran the boards through the lunchbox planer. 33/64ths was close enough to a 1/2" for me. The 64th over will disappear when I smooth plane these.

 smaller pile

This time I didn't generate as many chips even though I planed roughly the same amount of wood as I did last week. The wind was blowing and that helped with how much I had to sweep up and dump.


Just realized that I could have gotten some drawer stock from these boards. The widest piece I need is about 9" and these are 1x12's.

 glamour shot #1

I usually pick out all the me-steaks I made making this but not today. I am happy with what I did and how this turned out. I am even warming up to the cherry knobs on the middle drawer.

port side glamour shot

The drawers aren't a piston fit but that is ok too. I doubt that my drawers will bind come summer. (fingers and toes crossed on that)

 starboard side glamour shot

I will ask daughter #1 if she wants this one to go along with the first one I made for her.

 still green

It doesn't look that bad - it has the two panels on either side that are paler and not as green. The right one looks like it is starting to get a greenish tinge to it though.

 the first one

I took some liberties with the first one I made. I didn't have the skill set to do the layout and dado work for the vertical and horizontal dividers for the bottom 5 drawers.

 not dovetails

I didn't know how to do hand dovetails when I made this. These are finger joints but it looks like they were only at the top. Couldn't see how the drawers were joined at the corners neither.

 little gappy

Overall not that shabby as the gap is at the top and it doesn't shout out at me. But then again I'm a wee bit biased. I used 3/4" thick stock for the carcass and I don't remember what I used for the drawers. It is nice to see what I was capable of 15 years ago and what I can do now.

 crappy 1/4" plywood

The tag at Lowes said that this plywood is 0.20 thick. The orange spot is where the birch veneer left on the express south. 

 can you see it?

Lost the piece of veneer from handling this 1/4 sheet. It is thinner than a piece of paper. I won't use this for drawer bottoms. I'll be making another road trip to Lowes and I'll a 1/4 sheet of the 5.2mm luan plywood. They didn't have any when I bought this sheet.

accidental woodworker

2nd day with CPAP

Fri, 04/05/2024 - 3:30am

 After two nights attached to a 5 foot hose, I had no hiccups with it. I had to do the toilet trot races 3 times and no problems taking the mask off and putting it back on. I woke up feeling better than I have in a long time. It was a only a subtle difference but I'll take it. I had 4 incidents/hour  where I stopped breathing whereas on the sleep study I was avg 13 incidents per hour. The tech who showed me the in/outs of the machine told me the goal is get the incidents/hour down to 5 or less.

 running low

I have a coat on the drawer fronts and none on the top. I wasn't sure that I would have enough lemon shellac to finish this. The drawers that aren't fully seated are the ones that need some help after applying shellac.

 fitting the drawers

I was able to use the sanding block on all the thin height drawers and I had to use the block plane on the center big one. Just two wispy shaving runs did the the trick.

 two more shellac coats

It was looking like I would be putting a check mark in the done column with this today in the PM session. The ends have 3 or 4 coats of the lemon shellac where the top has two as does the drawer fronts. There is a difference in the color between them.

 next project

I plan to follow the dimensions for the carcass and drawer openings. I am also using the drawer and divider dimensions. This has 3/8 and 1/4 inch thickness and I don't want something that delicate. I'm using 1/2" for the carcass and drawer fronts. The sides and back of the drawers will be 3/8".

 stock for the 3 small drawers

I still have a pile of stock left over from over projects to use up. 

 the two large drawers

None of the leftover stock was wide enough to get the large drawer parts from. I had to use some from last haul I got from Gurney Saw Mill.

1/2"  drawer fronts

The bandsaw performed well and I was happy with the results. The first run I did was 3/8" for the sides and backs. I didn't get a perfect 1/2 split but that is ok. I mark the tails and pins using the stock so any minor difference won't matter.

 2 big drawers

All of the this stock is oversized, especially on the length.

 3 small drawers

Did better with the small drawers. All five have the same depth and side lengths except for the heights.

 lots of oops stock

I had a senior moment doing this resawing. Failed to register in the dim light of the brain bucket that I was getting two pieces from one. It won't go to waste in my shop. It will used as a rainy day or '...what will I do now.....' project.

 big drawers

Got an extra drawer front for the each of the big drawers. I am not sure if I'll make any extras for the sides/backs. The shorter pile on the right are extra drawer fronts for the smaller drawers. I have a boatload of oops stock for the small sides/backs.

 prep work

Planed the bandsawn face for all of the drawer parts. I didn't do any of the extras because I am saying I won't need them.

1/4" plywood

The smaller piece is 1/4" birch plywood I got before the pandemic from Lowes. It is the good stuff. Thick, stiff, and usually both faces were a one piece birch veneer without patches. The one in the back is the crap Lowes is now selling. The sticker says 1/4" Birch but I thought it was luan at first.

 two huge differences

The stiffness aside, the good 1/4" plywood is thicker than the crappy one. The plies are thicker and appear to be better quality. The 2nd difference is the thickness of the face veneers. You can see them on the good one but not on the crappy one. They are incredibly thin and the chip like crazy when you saw it. Barely above garbage status IMO and for the privilege of buying it, it only cost $24 for a 1/4 sheet.

 sticker says 5.2 mm

I measured this around the edge 360 and the calipers were spitting out numbers all over the dial. The avg was about 5.4mm and not once did I read 5.2mm. I use a lot of this plywood because it is 6-7 dollars cheaper than the crappy 1/4" birch.

 crappy 1/4" birch

This one avg about 65 to 70 thousands less then a 1/4". The avg was roughly 0.185 and none of them were even close to approaching 0.250 inches.

The good 1/4" birch avg 0.204 all around it. (forgot to snap a pic of it). Both of them are labeled as 1/4" but differ in how much they are off from the nominal.

one more coat

This will definitely be done today with glamour shots in the AM tomorrow. As you can see in the pic the center panel on the back is turning green. It is 1/8" plywood from China and I had to use it because it was all I had. Glad it is on the back and hopefully it will spend its life facing a wall.

just in case

I doubt that I will be surprised with any stupid wood tricks in the AM. All of this stock has been in the shop for months and should be acclimated. However, you never know what it will do when you resaw it.

 3 for the carcass

I think I got everything I need laid out on the boards. Since I am using 1/2" thickness on everything I can run the boards through full length. Hopefully that will be done tomorrow. The last four days have been cloudy and raining off and on. Tomorrow is forecasted to be partly sunny. If it is I'll take the lunch box planer to the driveway and make a boatload of shavings.

accidental woodworker

CPAP machine......

Thu, 04/04/2024 - 3:37am

 The only CPAP machine I had ever seen was about the size of baby volkswagen beetle. It was loud and I remember him having respiratory issues with it. Most likely due him not cleaning the machine. Well boys and girls I got my CPAP machine late last night and I used it for the first time last night.

 smaller than a breadbox

This machine is amazing. I'm blown away by science and medicine coming together to make something like this. It is bluetooth and WiFi capable and it even has a SD card as back up. It is very quiet and my wife said she didn't hear it all last night. Me, I slept like I was dead. It was the best nights sleep I've had since I don't know when.

I was concerned that the hose would get in the way but it didn't. The under the nose thing stayed on all night (wow) and I was able to sleep on my side with it. My first night score was a 95 and I only had 1.4 incidents of sleep apnea. I have an appointment with the VA sleep clinic on the 25th and I hope this gizmo continues to shine on for me. I can't see tonight or any other night being any different than last night. Fingers crossed along with all the toes.

 I behaved

I wanted so badly to fit this drawer after dinner but I was a good boy and let it be. The joint line looked good at the front with zero gaps. That will help with it blending it in with the drawer front.

 first look see

The far right had a gap that I wasn't expecting to see. 

 3/4 in

I'm slowly working it in the opening. This is after 5 dance steps. I am purposely taking wispy shavings so I don't plane too deeply. The gap on the right disappeared and now popped up on the left.

 9th one was the charm

Drawer is fitted and sliding in/out without binding or hanging up. I like the knob layout - I copied what was in the pic. In hindsight I should have used the same knob on all the drawings. The cherry ones on the middle center drawer ain't smiling back at me.

 new one

I lost the one I had sawn and fitted yesterday so I whacked out #2.

 just a dab of super glue

I only put glue on the outside edge of the shim. It is a tight fit that I had to use a hammer to seat it. That should be enough to keep it in place.

not too shabby

This shim blended in rather nicely. I didn't bother to try to match the color at all. At least it closed up the gap.

 the other side

Another gap that slipped by me on the build. Washed, rinsed, and repeated the same here with another shim. I didn't bother to fill in the thin, tapered gap below it. 

first coat of shellac

The carcass is going to be the easiest to do. I will first get 3 coats on the bottom, front, back, and ends and flip it and put 3 on the top. After that I will apply 3 coats of blonde shellac.

 color difference

I am using up the lemon shellac I mixed up a month or so ago. I want to use it up before it goes south on me. I think this color is a good choice for a shaker piece.

 shellac in/on the drawers

Decided to apply 3 coats of shellac to the drawers too. I might have to plane them to fit again but I'll deal with that after the drawers are done.

No more Inspector Morse. I watched the final episode and spoiler alert, he dies. I bought the first season of Spiral for $19 which has 8 episodes. If I like it I'll buy the other seasons which I think number 18.

accidental woodworker

thought I was done.....

Wed, 04/03/2024 - 3:42am

 Today I was supposed to get my CPAP machine or have a mask fitted. I don't know because neither event happened as of typing this blog. I thought it was happening at 0900 this AM but that was to tell me it would happen later in the afternoon. Well boys and girls I am still waiting. This drama drove what I did in the shop today. I hate getting deep into something and then having to stop.

 didn't fit

This took way longer than expected. Got the trio wrapped up and then found out that it didn't fit in the box. This will be perfect for a single #5 but not 3 planes.

 original box

Everything fit in the box I had bought and thought was too big. The trio of planes barely fit in the box. I got everything in it and I felt good about all the parts being protected. The shipping wasn't as horrible as I thought it was going to be. $20 for 2 day priority shipping! I think the fact the box is only going to Ct helped keeping the cost low.

 wee bit too high

Both of the vertical dividers had a bump at the bottom that I had to shave. Had to because the back was proud of the bottom of the carcass.


It took a few dance steps before I got the back laying flush 360. The end with my finger was high too and I had to bring down the horizontal dividers by almost a 1/8".

 drawer knob holes drilled

I checked all the knobs before I drilled the holes to make sure that the tenons weren't over or under sized.

 seven holes to fill

I don't like the look of leaving the ends of the dadoes open so I'm going to fill them in. 

 filling it in

This bugged me from the git go and filling it in ain't going to be so easy. I can't glue it in because the back is screwed on to be removable. I think I'll try super glue on one side of the shim only. 

 about the same size

I opted to change the knobs on the large center drawer. They will be cherry and the other six drawers will be maple (or birch).

 nickel screws

I wanted to use brass but I didn't have any small ones. This will be ok because I doubt that the back will be visible.


All the woodworking was done (or so I thought) and all that was left was a final planing and follow up sanding. I should be done with it by friday.


How did this pop out now and slap me upside the head? It would appear I went 6 for 7. It is a huge improvement over my last attempt but I'll have to wait to do a clean sweep. Maybe I'll get it when I do the next drawer unit.

 glued and cooking

I don't know if the pine I glued on came from this but it sure looked the same. The color and grain looked to be a perfect match. Tomorrow I'll flush it to the drawer front and start dancing to the tune of "....fitting my drawers...".

accidental woodworker

drawers are done.......

Tue, 04/02/2024 - 3:28am

 Just before lunch today I got the last one done. All of them are fitted and slide in/out. All the gaps have been shimmed and filled. There was dancing in the streets of Mudville with much rejoicing. All that is left to do is attach the knobs and apply the shellac. I should be done with it by the weekend - toes and fingers are all crossed.

 one left

This was work after dinner last night. I got the me-steak drawer fitted and it needs to have the front veneered to cover the through dovetails. Before I did that I applied glue to end grain of the tails. That is a problematic area because there isn't a lot of long grain to long grain glue area at the ends.

 front veneered

This stayed here undisturbed until the lights came on in the AM. The veneer was proud on the top and bottom and just a few frog hairs R/L. More than enough wiggle room as long as nothing shifted on me overnight.

 last drawer

Another after dinner doing. Got the front slip glued in and after an hour or so I thought I would come back and glue the sides on.

 side slips

Dry fitted the side slips and they were ready to be glued in place.

 lights on in the shop

I wanted to fill this in because I will be nailing the back on with nails. I don't want to nail in a void and risk blowing it out with a rosebud.

 first things first

Time to unclamp the veneered drawer and hope that it hadn't shifted on me. Spoiler alert - it didn't.

 last two drawers

The bottom was fitted before I veneered it and it still fits. It doesn't close flush because I hadn't trimmed the veneer yet. The top drawer doesn't fit and I hadn't done any work with a plane on it yet.

 gaps are gone

The left one I had to clamp from the front to back to close up the tail. I still haven't been able to wrap my limited brain power on the how and why but I'll take that the gaps are gone. The drawer is square within less than a 32nd still. 

The right one has the veneered front. I had to blow it up to see the joint line. I didn't try to get a grain/color match but I seemed to have fallen into it.


Flushed the veneered the 360 and the drawer closes up flush with the front.

 gluing them up

I found an off cut that was a friction fit in the slots. I cut out a strip with the slicing gauge. Now I don't have to worry about nailing through solid wood wherever.

 drawer stops

Another off cut being used to make the drawer stop blocks. I clamped a piece of stock across the drawer fronts and pushed the drawers up tight against it. Glued the blocks at the back end and Bob's your Uncle.

 last drawer

I didn't get the side slips glued in until this morning. I did that first thing and set it aside to set up. An hour or so later and it was drawer fitting time. 

 drawers all fitted

I didn't try to get a consistent grain flow R/L and top/bottom. I used left over stock that I had accumulated from past projects for the drawer fronts. I did get a match on the top two drawers but none of the others.

they've been adopted

These three planes are Rockford planes - R/L a R3, R5C, and a R 5 1/2C. I finally found a box that I can ship all three of them in. I'll have to cut it in half length wise but the off cut can be used to ship another #5 easily.

The plan was to clean up the trio, get them packed in the box, and get a cost for S/H. That didn't happen boys and girls as I badly under estimated how long it would take to clean up these 3 for shipping.

R3  broke down to parade rest

I am shipping all 3 broken down like this. I received a broken plane once because it was packed together and the lateral adjust got bent. The baby of the trio was first in the clean up queue.


I thought I had the #3 done but I forgot to apply Autosol to the plane body. I had to unwrap it, Autosol it, and rewrap it. This is where I realized getting #2 and #3 plane done today wasn't happening.

 always surprises me

Little things amuse little minds and mine must be tiny. This is just part of the wood shavings that were in the frog seat. This is the R5C and it was/is in better 'clean' shape than the R3.

Rockford frog

This is the only real difference between a Rockford plane and a Stanley plane. The Rockford frogs have these 'tabs' on both sides of it that stop it from moving laterally. 

 mostly at the toe

The top 'tabs' up near the top of the cheeks don't touch them nor do they touch at the bottom of the frog neither. There is a little bit of movement but not a lot. Stanley used the slot in the middle of the frog at the toe to minimize lateral movement of the frog. I think Rockford's method is better than Stanley's.


 swapping the toe screw

The slot in the left screw isn't that deep and I had a hard time unscrewing it. Another good thing about other plane makers is I haven't found any of them that used different screws for the handle's toe screw, the lever cap, or the frog seat screws. 

 stopped here

I came close to finishing the R5C and I knew I wouldn't get to the 5 1/2. This is something I can do early in the AM when the wife is still sleeping. I want to finish the cleaning, get them packed and bring it to the post office and get a shipping cost.

 holes were rusty

It is hit or miss with this. None of the holes in the R3 were rusty but all 5 in the R5 were. I filled them with EvapoRust and let it sit for a couple of hours. After dinner I went back and blew them out with canned air.

 quit early

I was listening to a Wood Whisperer YouTube and he used a different version of a figure eight fastener for a table top. The one he used allowed for movement and I ordered a 100 of them - it was cheaper per each then ordering 10 at a time. I had an involuntary bowel movement when I saw the shipping cost - $31 and change. One third of the total cost was shipping. I canceled it because I ain't paying that much. It also didn't change when I changed the order removing a couple of items. It still was a flat $31. Pity because I would really like to try out those new table top clips.

accidental woodworker

sunday's goal.......

Mon, 04/01/2024 - 3:37am

 I got asked why I have so many planes I'm now trying to sell. I got stung with the rehab bug and as is my fashion I went nutso with it. I can put my finger on 89 planes that I have bought, rehabbed, used, sold, or given away and now collect dust. Will I do another rehab? Probably because I can't resist a sad looking handplane for a good price. For now I'm cutting out all the extras planes in the shop. I and my grandsons have a full complement of them. What they don't have and I do, they will inherit someday.

major jerk around

I ordered this the friday before last on Amazon with next day delivery. That changed the next day with Amazon telling me delivery would be on monday. Monday through thursday I received from UPS a notice saying delivery would that day and then later another notice saying it would be the following day. A week after I ordered 12 sheets of 1/8" plywood I finally got it in the PM on saturday. One reason why I decided to go with 1/4" plywood in all the drawers.

 gaps and more gaps

Doing half blinds is reminding me of when I started doing dovetails. I made a boatload of gappy dovetails slowing closing the gaps as did them more and more. The front tail has gap on the bottom half pin and back bottom half tail has a gap big enough to throw a dog through.

 the other side

The front tail is not perfect but around 95%. I have a big gap on the half pin on the back. I wasn't expecting them as these are through dovetails. I'll glue some shims to fill them in.


I think I got bit on the arse using the wrong marking gauge again. If that wasn't the cause then I'm clueless as to why this fit sucks pond scum.

 drawer and front slip glued and cooking

I got the side slips fitted and in place dry. I'd waited a half hour or so and then glued the sides.

 shims glued and cooking

Not thrilled that I had to shim this but it is way better IMO than showing the daylight through the gaps. My wife couldn't see the shims after I had trimmed them.

 bottom fitted

I got the side to side and I did the front to back after the slips had set up.

2 left

The goal was to get the last two drawers done. Fitting them would be the whipped cream on the ice cream but neither happened. I asked daughter #1 to send me a pic of the first one of these I made for her.  I can already see a difference in my skill set now as then.

I made the first one before I started following Paul Sellers. I'm pretty sure I used through dovetails or (gasp) rabbet joints. It was made over 14-15 years ago and I'm rusty on the details hence why I want a before pic and a soon to be after pic.

lunch time

I did the layout on both of the remaining drawers. I didn't go for a walk today deciding to take the day off from it. I am finally below 200 on my tonnage. The scale said I weigh 199.6. Used that as my excuse not to stroll today. 15 more pounds to go to get to my target weight of 185 which is roughly 13 stone.

 brain fart extraordinary

Sigh. The front tail is supposed to be half lapped or blind in one eye. FYI boys and girls this ain't neither.

 sigh again

This one I know I used the wrong marking gauge. The same gauge that laid down the line on the front should have been used to do the baseline of the tail. Sigh. 

 dry fitted and square

Wee bit of a difference and no chance this won't stick out like a blinking neon light on a foggy night. I have some 1/2" stock that I could have used for new sides but nixed it. Instead I opted to glue the drawer up as is.


Big pile of thick pine veneers. Maybe I can work out a deal with it somehow.

 no more through dovetails

I have some wiggle room in the depth of the drawer openings. I have about 5/8" that the drawer could go back into. The veneer is about an 1/8" thick so there is room to spare.

 last drawer bottom

I thought I had no more scrap plywood but I got lucky. This piece was just big enough to get this last one.

 closed up

Both sides were gappy - on the sides and at the top. I was surprised that the clamps closed the gaps up. The other side closed up too except for the bottom half pin on the other side. I'm going to let this one stay in the clamps until tomorrow. I'll shim the one gap on the other side then.

The plan for tonight is to finishing watching an Inspector Morse episode I started yesterday. I only have one more season to watch (5 episodes). After that I will try to go to the shop and finish one of the last two drawers. I'm getting closer to starting the second drawer unit, maybe by this week end.

accidental woodworker

sunshine finally......

Sun, 03/31/2024 - 3:15am

 After two days of rain it was nice to see the sun and blue skies again. This coming thursday has the possibility of snow. April is rainy for may flowers as the saying goes. I remember a blizzard after Easter when I was a kid. No school that day but I had to walk in the white crap the next day to get to it.

I'm thinking of walking in the AM vice after lunch. I do like walking then but it screws up the shop time. Lunch and the walk eats up about 2 hours or so and if I do it in the morning I can go back to the shop after lunch. I might try it out in the AM tomorrow. It is getting lighter now so I won't be stressed with walking in semi darkness.


I thought I had to take off the table to check the top and bottom wheels are coplanar. This is a straight piece of quarter sawn stock and it is touching both wheels. This was a quickie check and I'll use my 6 foot level to check it again. 

 last night

I came back to the shop last night to get a book and ended up finishing the dovetailing for this drawer. This drawer is the crappiest one I've done so far. I have gaps on all the tails/pins. I glued it up but I don't think that is going to close up any of them.

made a boatload of slips

I made two each for the remaining four drawers. I am going to use 1/4" (5.2 mm) plywood for all the drawers. 1/4" is stronger than 1/8" as I don't know what tools (how heavy) I'll be putting in the drawers.


I can get one drawer out of one slip length. Luck has returned to the shop.

 dry fit

Did better on these dovetails. I found the cause of the gaps on the last drawer. I used the wrong marking gauge for the tail baselines. Drawer fits on the left but not the right.

 20 minutes later

20 minutes after gluing up the drawer I glued the slips in.

 what a )&^%@#(^%Q*_)@^%* PITA

This drawer gave me fits trying to get it into the opening. I still need to improve on fitting drawers to their openings. I'm good at the left front and I have a gap on the right. The drawer frustrated me because it kept binding only after the drawer was 1/2 way in. I couldn't see anything obvious looking at the back so I erred on the side of caution and 2 swipes and I checked it again. Wash, curse, rinse, curse, and repeat.

3 of 7

One more will put me over the hump. As is only 3 more drawers to go. I thought I would get the two on the left done today but that didn't happen boys and girls.

over the hump

I am getting excited about finishing this. I can already see a huge improvement over the one I made for daughter #1. 

 dovetail layout

Ran out of time here. After my walk I had gone out with my wife for an hour or so. It was too close to 1500 here and I didn't want to start the pin sockets and have to quit them unfinished.

 I have enough

I wasn't sure if I had enough of the sizes I needed. I decided to use the size on the bottom for all the drawers. I've been wracking my brain trying to remember where I got these from. It was bag of a 100 in several sizes and it was dirt cheap. I'm kicking myself now for not buying a couple of bags. There isn't anyone selling shaker knobs anymore that I can find. At least not like this almost empty bag.

ready for the AM

If I don't come back after dinner this drawer is laid out and ready saw and chop the tails/pins.

accidental woodworker

drawers, and more drawers.......

Sat, 03/30/2024 - 3:18am

 Spent a good portion of the morning getting the 4 1/2 ready to ship out. It didn't need a lot of work as it was my daily user. It is almost done and the only hang up is giving the paint as chance to set up and harden. I also sold the three Rockford/Marsh planes - R3, R5C, and the R 5 1/2. Rockford used R where Stanley used No. I will have to go to UPS and buy a box to ship them in.

warming up the 4 1/2

The heat is still coming on as the overnight temps are still within a few degrees of freezing. The heat was on when I took this off to apply the 2nd coat and I put it back on after I finished that. 

couldn't wait

I was going to wait and fit the drawers after all of them were done. I was going into withdrawal not knowing how this would fit. Started cleaning the sides and checking that fit first. It is way too easy to get lost in La La Land and plane too much off the wrong side or top/bottom. I have the back open so I can insert it as much as possible and then look at it from the back to see where it is binding.

 making progress

I did two planing ops and the drawer was fitting about 1/2 way. 


The fits and slides in albeit not easily. It didn't bind going in but it did on the way out.

 one more planing op

No longer snug but it also isn't loose. I quit here and put the drawer aside. I'll do any final fitting/planing after I get the finish on the carcass.

 still holding

The trick of using hair spray on the handle is working great. I sprayed them last year and it is still ticking like a Timex watch. I wonder how long the can will last? Will it go south before I have to use it again?

 first top drawer

I went back and forth on how many tails to use on this drawer and settled on one big one. If I had used one full tail and two half ones they would have been too thin for my liking.

 first me-steak

I fumbled too much marking this tail onto the pin board. My reward is the joint is loose. Not a little loose but loose as in it can't stay in place on its own. Trying to mark the tail off the pin socket isn't worth the calories. I have done it before and I wasn't thrilled the results. I will keep it as is and deal with it at glue up time.

top drawer slips

Made the slips for both drawers. I had to dig through the pile of scraps to find two pieces long enough for the front ones.

 first dry fit

No problems with the back - I copied what I had done for the big middle drawer. Three corners are snug fitting but corner #3 is loose and glue ain't going to swell it shut.

 the red headed, stuttering step child

Not only is it loose fitting top/bottom, it is loose front to back. It needs to be pulled/pushed forward and have the slopes filled in.

 snug as bug in a rug

The joint is well fitting and snug. I could have probably gotten away with just one shim but two tightened it up a lot more.

 Lee Valley order

I needed a new blade for the bandsaw but that was out of stock. I'll be getting that after the 12th of April. I bought the extension cord because it is 12gauge and cheap. It was $16.50 which is about the cost of a lot of 14 gauge cords. A couple of spare cutters for my string in lay tool and 4 files for sharpening saws filled out this order.

 I'm square

The dry fit was less than a 16th off on the diagonals. Since I'm planing this to fit the opening, this is good enough.


I didn't pay attention to the labels. This left side of the back should have been on the right. The drawer opening is tapered on the top and the gap is because of that.

 glued and cooking

The drawer is glued and I got the slips sawn and fitted too. I will glue the slips after the drawer has set up. I didn't have any hiccups getting the shims inserted in the tail/pin. I was able to bottom out one and maybe 3/4 of the second one. Tomorrow I'll wick some super glue into them to further strengthen it.

 second me-steak

I used the wrong marking gauge on these. I could shorten the tails but that would make the sides short. I sawed all the sides on every drawer to the same length.

 two extras

I didn't see any labels on these so I used them to make two new sides. 

 me-steak #3?

Is this a me-steak or a quirk in the wood? It split when I was chiseling the vertical wall on the right. I glued it and set it aside to cook.


Maybe I dodged the silver bullet. The drawer is a slip fit on the left and is a frog hair proud on the right. I got the slips glued and the bottom fitted.

Decided to kill the lights here (it was after 1500). The dumb me-steaks I did were a sign for me to leave the shop before I really did something stupid.

accidental woodworker

spoke too soon.......

Fri, 03/29/2024 - 3:18am

 I got an email this AM asking to buy the Stanley 4 1/2. In fact, I got a second email after the first one asking for it too. That totally surprised me as I was prepping to post them on Saw Mill Creek. I'm in no hurry to sell them but I still would like to see them go quickly. That will lessen the trauma on me from someone else adopting my toys.

doesn't fit

The drawer went together off the saw and as it should, it doesn't fit the opening.

 flushing the corners

That is all I did right now. I still have to plane this to fit the drawer opening. I don't want to take off too much leveling the top/bottom and giving me gaps later on.

 wee bit more

The drawer now goes into the opening over an inch now just from flushing the corners.

 slips and bottom fitted

Did you hear the huge sigh of relief? That was me after seeing I had done the back of the drawer correctly. I plan on leaving the side slips running long until the glue up has set up. This here was a dry run and fit.

 glued and cooking

The dovetails on the back were dicey because I had knifed the tails on the ends of it initially. I missed one knife life and ended up with a gap. I'll get a shim in it in the AM.

drats, and double drats

One of the slips broke one me when I was pushing the bottom in. Had to take a step back and make new ones. Rather than trying to match the one side to the new one I decided to make two new ones.

wash, rinse, and repeat

5 more drawers to fit. Got the top left front/back fitted. Same dance steps for the remaining.

last one

Tomorrow I'll start dovetailing the drawers. The 4 bottom drawers (R/L) I will use 1/8" plywood for the bottoms. The two top drawers I am leaning in the direction of 1/4" plywood because of the R/L length of the drawers. They aren't deep at about 7" but I think 17" R/L is a bit too much for 1/8" plywood.

 prepping the 4 1/2

The first step is to take the plane down to parade rest and clean everything with Simple Green. After that I'll address any rust issues.

this sucks

There was something on the plane that the Simple Green wouldn't clean away. I gently scraped it and the paint came off down to the gray primer coat. It appears that I will be doing some paint touch up.

 just a little

I've been lucky in my shop with rust issues. I don't have any headaches with it. It has been a few years since I last broke this plane down and this is it for rust. I'll hit the studs with the wire wheel and I'll oil all the hardware.

I'm off to a dead people's thing with my wife. She is giving a talk on something and I'm going along for company. I don't like her driving after the sun goes down.

accidental woodworker

no interest.....

Thu, 03/28/2024 - 3:31am

 The post for the 4 1/2 has been up for two days and so far zero interest in buying it. The post itself has gotten a lot of hits though. I don't think it is over priced. I paid a $125 for it and spent about 3-4 hours rehabbing it so I'm taking a loss on it. I knew this before I put it up for sale. I intend/want to sell the rest of the herd on the same price model. I want them to go to someone else who will use them. In my shop they will just be gathering dust.

I looked to selling them on eBay but the fees are boderline prohibitive. I don't think that is going to be viable for me because me selling on it will be a one time thing. I will clean the 4 1/2 and shoot some glamour pics and I'll try it on Saw Mill Creek and see if it moves there. If that doesn't work maybe I should think about donating them to a woodworking school?

 didn't make it back to the shop

I put this on the bench before I killed the lights. After dinner I started watching Inspector Morse and forgot about going back to the shop. It looks ok and no surprises when I took the clamps off.


I wasn't thinking when I plowed the groove on the vertical stiles. I didn't have to do one on both sides of the two end ones. I glued a piece of pine in them to close it up. I just wanted the ends where the half lap is to be solid - the middle shouldn't be stressed.

first drawer

Got the back fitted and the front was next.

 needs some attention

The 5 1/2 ain't cutting as well as the other LN planes. The shavings from it are torn up and coming out shredded.

 surprised me

The bevel angle is 25° and I was expecting it to be 30°. I also saw why this iron is performing so badly - the edge is chipped in a couple of spots. I touched it up on the extra fine diamond stone followed with some time on the 8K japanese water stone. I'll have to set up sharpening to use water stones because that is the preferred medium for LN plane blades (A2).

 dovetail layout

Made a boo boo initially but I caught it before I did anything stupid. The tails go on the sides and the not the front and back. I am so used to putting the tails on the longest side that muscle memory took over.

 it ain't square

I shoulda, woulda, coulda, but didn't check this for square after I clamped it up. I relied on the half lap joints to square it up and that didn't work. I had to plane (to fit) a slight angle on both ends of this panel ass'y.

 carcass is square

Each end of the panel ass'y was out a few degrees. I checked the carcass first to make sure I wasn't fighting two being out of square.

 panel ass'y fitted

The gap at the top is from the rail being short. The half lap must have shifted in the clamps on me. Gap on the top right corner.

 gap on the bottom left

Not sure what if anything I will do about this. I am not gluing this in at the back so I can't glue a shim in here. I got plenty of time to deal with later on.

 not too noticeable

I'm about 4' away and it doesn't jump out and slap me. But I can still see it. Maybe I should plane a small margin 'gap' on both ends?

 left side from 4'

This is the back and most likely this will be up against a wall. If I plane a gap on the ends would I have to plane one on the top/bottom to match?


I will nail the panel ass'y to these. The two choices in the coin toss are Tremont brad nails or small brad box nails (they have a head).

 hump is gone

I planed the hump square or pretty close to square along this side.


I used brad nails on the right side of the split into the divider below. I wicked super glue into the split. I'll check it tomorrow and I might use some epoxy to fill the split depending upon how well the super glue did.


 got confused

I had to stop and visualize what went were and erase and relabel all the parts. I got stuck on why there weren't any tails on the opposite end of the side. Finally dawned on me that the other side mates with the opposite end of the front. All was well in Disneyland again.

almost kindling

Sawed on the wrong side of the gauge line. It has been a very long time since I have done something like this. I put some veneer in the saw kerf and wicked super glue into it.

 not too shabby

Lost a chip on the 3rd pin from the left but the tails/pins other than that are as snug as a bug in a rug.


The pin/tail to the left of this is the one that shimmed and it looks great. I can't explain how I got a gap this large on this tail/pin. I'll shim this when I glue it up.

 back tails chopped

I am hoping that I did this correctly. I am using slips on all the drawers and I did what I think is the right lay out. The two square 'tails' in the middle will be the go/no go for this. The bottom will be on the top of it with the slip underneath it. Fingers crossed I won't have to redo the center drawer again.


This doesn't look that bad and I'm not a fan of butt joints. I am using 1/4" plywood for the center drawer and this is what the inside would look like. Another decision that doesn't have to be made now.

accidental woodworker

drawer prep......

Wed, 03/27/2024 - 3:26am

 I got all the stock prepped for the drawers. That was the last thing I did before killing the lights. I thought I would get to maybe one drawer done but it didn't happen boys and girls. Started feeling crappy after lunch and it didn't improve any when I went on my walk. I made it through prepping and said No Mas. This is the 3rd day in a row that I have had this queasy, crappy feeling after lunch. I'll have to change up the menu tomorrow and see if that is the cause.


Before I can do the drawers I have to do the back. That is needed because the back will determine the depth of the opening and the length of the drawer sides.


No bridle joints or miters. Instead I'm going to half lap at the corners and the vertical stiles.

 road test

No differences in the Grizzly tenon jig vice my old Delta one. I do like the provision for the sacrificial  vertical stop - that was lacking on the Delta. I used the Grizzly to do the half laps for the corners and the stiles.

sawing the shoulders

I chose the tablesaw and the Grizzly because I didn't want to devote a lot of time doing this by hand only.

 good fit

This side of the half lap won't be seen after it is installed in the back. I plan on gluing the half laps together and then I will nail the frame to the back. This way it can taken off if any repairs are needed down the road.

 stile half laps

I labeled which face gets the waste removed from. Sawed the shoulders and then cleaned it out with a router.

 one vertical stile fitted

Got a good fit on this one and it is flush.

dry fit of the frame

I could have used one more small C clamp but I managed without it. I got a snug fit of the frame and it was on to making panel inserts.

 gappy fit

Fortunately for me this isn't the show face. I had a stray line and I didn't lay this one against the other to check it. Paid the price with ugly gaps on either side of it.

 back dry fitted

This will get nailed in place after the drawers are made and fitted. I didn't have any 1/8" baltic birch plywood and I had to use this chinese crap. The last time I put shellac on it, the plywood turned green. I got 12 more sheets on order that is B/BB grade 1/8" baltic birch ply. That price has almost doubled since the last time I bought it.

bought six

This is a replacement for the metal insert. It is still available on ereplacements but it costs $40. These are made by Carter and I didn't know that they were made by them.

sibling is MIA

I can't remember where I put the second one of these. I looked in the 3 spots that I hold things like this until I need them but came up empty. These clips are $10 plus $10 for S/H. I'll put on my Sherlock Holmes hat and cape before I buy another one. In which the MIA one would probably mysteriously appear.

 back glued and cooking

I'll take this out of the clamps after dinner and check the fit. You'll have to wait another day to read about it.

 drawers prepped

Fronts, backs, and sides sawn slightly oversized. Still haven't decided on the drawer bottoms. I will use slips regardless of the the bottom choice.


The side goes in about 1/2 way on the right and won't fit the opening at all on the left.

 opposite side

The left side easily fits the opening front to back. The right side won't fit. The left to right is off a strong 32nd. On the other side drawer opening is shy of a 32nd off. The vertical ends are square which is a point in my favor. I will plane the drawer to fit and I'm sure that will take a few dance steps.

accidental woodworker