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Be sure to visit the Hand Tool Headlines section - scores of my favorite woodworking blogs in one place.  Also, take note of Norse Woodsmith's latest feature, an Online Store, which contains only products I personally recommend.  It is secure and safe, and is powered by Amazon.



Steve Tomlin Crafts

Accidental Woodworker

The Barn on White Run

Paul Sellers

Lost Art Press: Chris Schwarz


Peter Follansbee, joiner's notes

Popular Woodworking Editors Blog

The Furniture Record

Pegs and 'Tails

Hillbilly Daiku

Brokeoff Mountain Luthierie


The Part-Time Woodworker

Journeyman's Journal

Fair Woodworking

Old Ladies - Pedder's blog

David Barron Furniture

Giant Cypress

The Literary Workshop Blog

Inside the Oldwolf Workshop

The Renaissance Woodworker

The Indian DIY & Woodworker

MVFlaim Furnituremaker

Highland Woodworking

Tools For Working Wood

Bob Lang's ReadWatchDo

Northwest Woodworking

Chris Schwarz's Pop Wood Blog


Heritage School of Woodworking Blog

Je ne sai quoi Woodworking

Heartwood: Woodworking by Rob Porcaro

The Mortise & Tenon Magazine Blog

360 WoodWorking

Wood and Shop

She Works Wood

Wunder Woods

The Slightly Confused Woodworker

Oregon Woodworker

Sauer and Steiner

Alaska Creative Woodworkers Association

Peter Galbert - Chair Notes

Hamler Tools

The Clearance Angle: L'angolo di spoglia inferiore

The Kilted Woodworker

James Watriss

Tico Vogt

Billy's Little Bench

A Woodworker's Musings

Woodworking By Hand


goatboy's woodshop

Brese Plane

Finely Strung

The English Woodworker

Matt's Basement Workshop


Close Grain

Bridge City Tools

The Sharpening Blog with Ron Hock


Blackburn Tools

Norsk Skottbenk Union

orepass: Woodworking to Pass the Time

Rainford Restorations

Doug Berch

Design Matters

Anne of All Trades

Acorn House

Darrell Peart, Furniture Maker

Eccentric Toolworks

Evenfall Studios

Flying Shavings

James Roadman Instrument Repair

Owyhee Mountain Fiddle Shop

Philsville: Philip Edwards

Raven's Edge Toolworks

The Bench Blog


Two Lawyers Toolworks

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