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The Norsk Skottbenk Union

Hi everyone!

I'm poking my head out of the rabbit hole just to send out notice of a new blog I've added to the Norse Woodsmith aggregator, called the Norsk Skottbenk Union

A "skottbenk" is an interesting bench/wood holding design (image courtesy of Norsk Skottbenk Union):

Dennis Laney had mentioned it in his blog earlier this month, and Roald Renmælmo, the owner of the blog, contacted me about adding it just this morning.   Being this is the "Norse" Woodsmith site, it seemed a great fit.

Much of it is in Norwegian, but Roald has added some english translations.  He voiced surpise that there would be interest in such woodworking in other parts of the world, but I've found quite the opposite - I think the global reach of the internet brings the most fascinating things to your doorstep, and this is one.   I personally know several who work in timber framing that would love to have one of these at the ready.