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These are all articles archived from the original Norse Woodsmith web site... 

Split Nut Screwdrivers Carving/Marking Knives

This time using rivets instead of tangs...


Making Split Nuts and Bolts

How to make your own split nuts with simple tools available in most woodshops

Making an Awl and a Marking Knife Includes how to shape, harden and temper drill rod with common tools.

Experimenting with Etching Trying out one method of etching artwork onto a metal surface

A Simple Hot Hide Glue Setup An inexpensive double boiler, and a few tips on keeping hide glue from going bad

A Test of Five Back Saws Looking how different saws cut, and what effects maintenance and familiarity can have on their performance


Wedged Through Tenons One way of making this classic joint

Making Simple Linen-Fold Panels Carving a classical variation of a raised panel 

Sharpening a Gouge 

Sharpening an out-cannel gouge with Oil Stones


Oil Stones - Covers basic differences in oil stones, followed by using them to sharpen a gouge. 

Cleaning An Old Oil Stone A new article on rehabbing old stones 

Hand Saw Basics / Sharpening Saws / Using and Troubleshooting Hand Saws


Back Saws Making back saws - from start to finish - including a how-to section on shaping and sharpening teeth

A Handled Bench Plane A very, very long article on building a handled smoothing plane.


Jasper's Wooden Saw Vise and Jonathan's "Saw Chops"  Articles on making wooden saw vise - authored by fellow woodworkers 

Socket  and Tanged Chisel Handles Making native white ash chisel and file handles turned on a lathe.


Spirits of Wood Hand carved figures in cottonwood bark.

Four New Saws from One Old One

Building two stair saws, a keyhole

saw, and a compass saw using an

old saw for the blades.

Restoring an Old Hand Saw Methods used to restore an old user hand saw,including electrolysis. Not recommended for valuable saws 

Traditional Coffin Smoother A prototype coffin smoother made with traditional methods.

A Pair of Planemaker's Floats Making a pair of specialized tools used in making wooden planes.

Carved Cabinet Details Hand carved details added to our kitchen cabinets.

A Refurbished Disston D-8 and a Patternmaker's saw Hand carved handle details on a refurbished rip saw.

Making a Veneer Hammer

Making Dados with Hand Tools


Hollow Grind vs. Micro-Bevel - what's the difference?