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Fixing Boo Boos.


The next entry in the guitar build is here!  What's that you say?  Why am I so slow??  I just am, so get used to it!

Drill Baby, Drill!

Setting the Necks


 The next entry in the guitar build has arrived <insert vocal accolades>.  In the last entry the necks were substantially finished sans tuners and finish.  In this entry I'll fit them to the roughed out bodies.  It's been a while since I paid attention to them as they've been set aside while I worked on the necks..

 As you may remember, I made an extra neck to use as practice for the other two.  While I wouldn't say they went perfectly, all of them came out well enough that I figured it was silly not to make a body for the third.  So, I glued together a couple pieces of alder and went to town - this will be another telecaster style body.

The Joiner and Cabinet Maker

The Joiner and Cabinet Maker

Authors:  Anon, Christopher Schwarz, and Joel Moskowitz

ISBN: 978-0-578-03926-8

Available through The Lost Art Press (with DVD here);  Tools for Working Wood; and Lee Valley.

Published 1839; 1841; 1883 (w/addendum), and 2009 (expanded edition includes 1883 addendum and added commentary, notes, and instructions)

First published in 1839, The Joiner and Cabinet Maker is an instructional text on the life of a young joiner's apprentice, and tells the story of a fictional young apprentice by the name of Thomas, starting with his applying for the position and his initial duties in the shop.  Eventually, Thomas builds a client a small packing box, then a "School Box", and finally a simple dresser.  The author goes into great detail on all of these projects Thomas completes, giving us one of the earliest, intimate views of early 19th century woodworking procedures and techniques.


After last week's rounding of the neck and fingerboard radiusing, this edition of the guitar build will focus on installing the frets into the neck, along with a little finish work.   The necks at this stage are shaped and sanded, but not finish sanded yet. 

I'm getting a little ahead, truth is there is one little area of shaping left to do.  When the fingerboard is radiused, the transition between the headstock is affected and looks a little off to me.


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