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Saw Handle Templates available online


A short public notice for all you sawmaking-types out there - Dominic, a saw-making enthusiast for some time now and one of the moderators over at the Woodnet Hand Tool Forum along with his partner Mike have put together a web site where he has PDF's of several classic saw handles available, as well making available for purchase some of the materials you may need.  Take a look!

TGIAG (Two Guys In A Garage) Toolworks

House Cleaning

<p>Apologies to anyone out there trying to read this site in the last week. &nbsp;After a disastrous failed first attempt at upgrading the site software, I&#39;ve been able to restore most of the functionality to the site. &nbsp;The kicker is the upgrade was supposed to make things easier for me....</p> <p>Sorry for the inconvenience! &nbsp;I will be working on updating and adding graphics along with adding additional functionality in the near future.</p>

A Reminder for the 4th



In Praise of Trees


Cell phone photos from an early morning hike along a popular trail near where I live in North Idaho.

Every woodworker should spend time among that which they lay claim to knowing.  It is as important as developing your skill to know what it is you are working with.

An early pair of Norse Woodsmith saws for sale


I see there is an early pair of Norse Woodsmith saws for sale on ebay (thanks for pointing them out to me, Marv!).  I am not the one selling them, the original owner is..

These were one of the first sets I ever made, you can tell by the hand-stamped logo:


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