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Folded Backs and Two Guys In A Garage

Two Guys In A Garage Tool Works is a pair of guys who happened upon a supply of spring steel scraps and, being woodworkers who loved hand tools, they hated to see the “scraps” going to waste - came upon the idea of re-purposing the steel into usable tools for the hand-tool crowd.  Card scrapers, specifically...  

As time has gone on, they've branched out into supplying spring steel plates for those who want to make their own hand saws, first supplying plates for stair saws then later expanding to larger saws and also saw-tooth pattern plates. Their plates come now with teeth pre-punched in a wide range of PPI and are ready for sharpening and setting.

I've linked to their web site before - Dom maintains an excellent library of saw handle templates online free for everyone to use.  I see they have also added brass split nuts and screws to their list of available products, which means they are only lacking one thing for all of the metal parts of a saw - the back!

It would seem they are now ready to remedy that.  Recently I was fortunate enough to be on a list of folks sent prototypes of their folded backs to evaluate and provide feedback. I am honored they would choose me as one to look at them. Here's what arrived:

Two of their prototype backs, and two 3" x 12" dovetail saw plates.  The sawplates have teeth stamped out at 13 PPI ready for sharpening and setting.  The teeth are wholly consistent, straight, and with a good rake angle for getting you started,

Using one of Dom's templates, a pair of their split nuts, some wood and one of their handle templates (or make your own) you have everything you need to make your own backsaw.  

Marv's Three Legged Saw Bench


UPDATE:  See bottom of article.

Marv Werner is a  fellow hand saw enthusiast I often have email conversations with.  Marv lovingly restores old saws to nearly like-new condition, and also has quite a talent for wheat-carving.  I've talked about him before in my blog here.

Recently, Marv sent pictures of a saw bench he'd made.  While Chris Schwarz has an excellent plan for a great saw bench already available on the web here, but I thought Marv's bench should also be out there for a couple of reasons...  First, you can build it very quickly using just 2x6's and deck screws.  Second, because it will work well on an uneven floor - I have often had this problem with benches and saw horses - in my garage, for example, there is a crack in the floor that changes the level of the floor up to a full 1/4" in some places... 

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