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Finding Files and Other Saw Sharpening Tips

I've been getting a few questions lately on saw files - what to get, and where to get them, mostly.  Here's some highlights from those correspondences that others might find useful.

Some slow times, and some planning,,,


Asked what I've been up to lately - regarding woodworking, very little.  I've been enjoying the fruits of my labor from my last project t, the guitar build - specifically I've been practicing up on a few old classics such as "Down by the River" by Neil Young.

Finished: Runecaster, Jörmungandr, and Mjöllnir


 The guitar build, the final entry...

What a blast of a project...  Challenging, fun, and a real test of skill.   It does make me appreciate just how good some of the craftsmen are out there that build some of these amazing "homemade" guitars.  I can honestly say there will be more, I don't know how I will ever resist the pull again.  My wife has other plans for me for the near future, unfortunately...  

Marv's Three Legged Saw Bench


UPDATE:  See bottom of article.

Marv Werner is a  fellow hand saw enthusiast I often have email conversations with.  Marv lovingly restores old saws to nearly like-new condition, and also has quite a talent for wheat-carving.  I've talked about him before in my blog here.

Recently, Marv sent pictures of a saw bench he'd made.  While Chris Schwarz has an excellent plan for a great saw bench already available on the web here, but I thought Marv's bench should also be out there for a couple of reasons...  First, you can build it very quickly using just 2x6's and deck screws.  Second, because it will work well on an uneven floor - I have often had this problem with benches and saw horses - in my garage, for example, there is a crack in the floor that changes the level of the floor up to a full 1/4" in some places... 

The Joiner and Cabinet Maker

The Joiner and Cabinet Maker

Authors:  Anon, Christopher Schwarz, and Joel Moskowitz

ISBN: 978-0-578-03926-8

Available through The Lost Art Press (with DVD here);  Tools for Working Wood; and Lee Valley.

Published 1839; 1841; 1883 (w/addendum), and 2009 (expanded edition includes 1883 addendum and added commentary, notes, and instructions)

First published in 1839, The Joiner and Cabinet Maker is an instructional text on the life of a young joiner's apprentice, and tells the story of a fictional young apprentice by the name of Thomas, starting with his applying for the position and his initial duties in the shop.  Eventually, Thomas builds a client a small packing box, then a "School Box", and finally a simple dresser.  The author goes into great detail on all of these projects Thomas completes, giving us one of the earliest, intimate views of early 19th century woodworking procedures and techniques.


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