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A Good Neighbor Gloat

Building a new shop can be expensive to do, but is sure helps to have good friends. This morning, my neighbor Mike (an HVAC tech) delivered these to me completely gratis:

Not just one - but two 5-ton heat pumps! Seems a well-off summer lake residence is getting remodeled, and both of these were being taken out to be scrapped... The one on the left is older, but was for the little-used basement of the house, and the one on the right has a new compressor installed last year which is still under warranty... Both worked well when removed... Either way, if one breaks - I've got a spare!

Later this week he's going to bring over over the mating air handlers (each with 20k supplement heating elements)!!! This in combination with the wood stove, I should have heat in the shop well covered. As well as air conditioning... Smile

Glen Drake Double Handled hand saw


Here's an interesting innovation:

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A dovetailing saw with dual handles... I'm sure it's quite well thought out, very well designed, worthy of debate, and it's certainly interesting - the method he's attached the back to the blade particularly intrigues me. I can see where it might benefit some, and I think it really has to be an individual choice - I doubt the two-handle thing is for me.

Some older iron... Stationary Tools


I grew up in a shop - almost literally. I can't tell you how many hours of my childhood and adolescence were spent running any one of a variety of woodworking (and other) tools in pursuit of some grandiose plans of utterly blowing away all with my unquestionably masterful and artful talents. Most often, they were utter failures, but every once in a while I would surprise myself. Anyway, none of the tools were what you would call "high end" - though almost all were "sufficient". Dad never spent a great deal of money on tools - but who could, with seven kids?

Reminiscing about my very first project.

It's been a strange week or two. I've been reminiscing, mostly about my early life with my parents, both of which have passed on. Mom went first, about 2 years ago, and as of last week, Dad's been gone a year now. It's funny what can bring those memories back - it's not just anniversaries and the like. Most often for me, it's different smells.

Welcome to the new website

Hello, and welcome to the new Norse Woodsmith web site.  This is the first major upgrade I've made to this web site since I started it...  There are some some major improvements that I find exciting that will hopefully make it more useful to everyone who reads it.


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